ON Explores OINP Eligibility for One-year College Graduates

ON Explores OINP Eligibility for One-year College Graduates

The Ontario Government intends to modify the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) to broaden the qualification criteria for international students. The forthcoming legislation specifically targets the adjustment of requirements for individuals enrolled in one-year college graduate certificate programs, of which there are over 900 throughout the province. This initiative aims to enhance the prospects of international students including college graduates, who may have contemplated relocating to other provinces by providing them with an improved opportunity for permanent residency. The anticipated changes, which might receive approval next week and be implemented early next year, also eliminate Canadian work experience as a mandatory job prerequisite. This adjustment is expected to streamline the interview process, allowing more qualified candidates to progress further.

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New Initiatives by the Government of Ontario

The Ontario government is set to pioneer groundbreaking measures aimed at facilitating the integration of internationally-trained immigrants into professions aligning with their expertise. The proposed legislation, if approved, would make Ontario the first province in Canada to eliminate Canadian work experience requirements in job postings and application forms, fostering a more inclusive job market for skilled immigrants. This move builds upon previous legislation, effective December 2023, which prohibits regulated professions from mandating discriminatory Canadian work experience for licensing across more than 30 occupations. According to David Piccini, Minister of Labour, Immigration, Training, and Skills Development, the objective is to redirect newcomers away from overqualified, dead-end jobs and toward fulfilling careers that address labor shortages, emphasizing the potential for positive contributions when immigrants are given meaningful opportunities.

In tandem with these initiatives, Ontario plans to nominate 16,500 immigrants for permanent residence through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) in crucial sectors like healthcare and skilled trades this year. To enhance candidate selection, the government proposes expanding eligibility for the OINP by revising requirements for hundreds of one-year college graduate certificate programs across the province. Michael Ford, Minister of Citizenship and Multiculturalism, highlights Ontario’s commitment to breaking down barriers and leading the nation in fostering an environment where internationally-trained immigrants can easily find meaningful work. The proposed legislative changes also aim to improve oversight of how regulated professions assess international qualifications, ensuring a fast, transparent, and fair evaluation process. Overall, these measures signify a comprehensive effort to support newcomers, boost economic growth, and create a more inclusive and vibrant Ontario.

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