Canada Business Immigration

Canada Business Immigration Programs aim to encourage investment and employment in Canada through immigrants who can successfully invest and establish a business in Canada.

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Canada Business Immigration

Business immigration
to Canada

Canada is the land of opportunities. One of its goals is to attract business people with managerial skills to strengthen the Canadian economy. In that way, the country is proud to offer different Canada business immigration programs for self-employed individuals, investors, and entrepreneurs to improve the country’s economic development.

Investor Immigration

Investor Immigration

The Canadian business immigration programs focus on individuals with the required skills and capital to settle and contribute to the Canadian economy. Investor programs are one of the fastest pathways for you and your family members to become permanent residents of Canada.

Entrepreneur Immigration

Entrepreneur Immigration

Individuals with enough net worth and required management experience who plan to settle and run a business in Canada, may submit an application under this Canadian entrepreneur immigration program and get PR status faster.

Start up Visa

Start up Visa

This Canadian business immigration program supports entrepreneurs, their business plans and innovative ideas with funds from a designated investment organization. Applicants may acquire this start-up visa to open their new business, bring their families and apply for PR.

Owner Operator

Owner Operator

This program works as a Canadian business immigration pathway to allow applicants to get a work permit by buying or establishing a new business in Canada. With the owner operator program, candidates and close family members can live in Canada and apply to become permanent residents.

Intra Company Transfer

Intra Company Transfer

The ICT is a business immigration program to allow foreigners to open a branch in Canada or expand their current international business. The Intra-company transfer program facilitates key employers to move to Canada and get PR status.

Business Visitor

Business Visitor

A business visitor comes to Canada for international business activities but does not directly enter the Canadian labour market. Business Visitors can come to the country to do trade activities for a shot period of time with a Temporary Resident Visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) ?

The PGWP is an open work permit that allows students who completed post graduated courses in Canada to work for any employer without a previous job offer.
Pathways and eligibility criteria may change depending on each province’s needs and requirements.

Can I bring my family to Canada?

Yes. You may bring your spouse, common law partner, and dependent children.

Can I become a permanent resident after my studies in Canada?

Yes. Tens of thousands of the over 300,000 people that become Canadian permanent residents each year are former international students.

There are several programs that can lead to permanent residence, including the three programs managed under Express Entry (Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and the Federal Skilled Trades Program). There are many other options available through the likes of the Provincial Nominee Program, Quebec, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, and the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot.

Some of these programs require qualifying Canadian work experience. If you want to work in Canada after you finish your studies, you can apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP).

How do I qualify for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)?

To be eligible for the PGWP you must have held full-time student status at an eligible designated learning institution in Canada and you must have met all the requirements of your program of study that was at least eight months in duration.


Can I immigrate to Canada as a business owner?

Yes, the owner operator program , ICT and Start-up Visa let foreigners open a business in Canada, work and get Canadian permanent residence.

How long can I stay in Canada on a business visa?

Depending on the program. ICT and OWWP gives you work permits that can be extended up to 5 or 7 years.

Which business is best in Canada?

Real Estate.
Transportation and Storage.
Professional-Financial Services.
Fitness and Recreational Sports Centres.

Do I need the IELTS exam for business immigration?

Not necessarily, you must be able to communicate in English/French to work in Canada, but you can take your exam at the moment you land in the country.

What is the maximum age to immigrate to Canada?

There is no age limit. Applicants between 25-35 under the Express Entry system receive the maximum points. But it doesn’t mean older applicants won’t have opportunities.

Business immigration options

How to know my best option for business immigration?

It depends on the amount you have to invest in Canada. If you have an entrepreneur idea you can explore the Start-up Company, or If you want to open a branch of your company in Canada and transfer a worker or yourself you can select the ICT program.
There are many investor programs to open a business in Canada. You just need to know all your options to select the best one.

What do I need to manage a business in Canada?

Your ownership experience and previous management position may make you eligible for business immigration to Canada.

I want to open a business in Quebec.

If you plan to live in Quebec, you should explore the Quebec’s Investor Immigration Program or the Entrepreneur Immigration Program. Those programs are based on points and qualifications to apply. At Mana Immigration we can help you to select the best options.

I want to move to other Canadian province

Each province runs its own entrepreneur’s immigration programs through their Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). Those programs require you to make an investment and settle in your selected region. There are also excellent pathways to get Canadian PR status.

I am self-employed and well-established in my field.

Canada welcomes self-employed individuals in a variety of fields based on their success and the reputation that they have established in their field. These fields range from farming to athletics to the arts. Start your free assessment today to find out if your self-employed experience would make you eligible for one of the Self-Employed Immigration Programs.

What are the most common business immigration programs ?

Depending on your profile you can choose:

Intra – Company Transfer (ICT).
Start – Up Visa.
Owner Operator Program (OWWP).
Investor Program Quebec.
Entrepreneur Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

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