Canadian Business Visitor Visa

Canadian Business Visitor Visa
Every year, many foreign entrepreneurs visit Canada to do business with Canadian citizens and residents. They usually come with a business visitor visa that allows them to explore several business opportunities and experience the Canadian culture.

What is a Business Visa

A business visitor visa is a document that allows a business visitor to come to Canada for international business activities. But, it doesn’t allow them to enter the Canadian labour market.A Canadian business visitor is considered a foreign national who travels to Canada to undertake activities relating to international trade. USA citizens don’t need a business visitor visa.

Canadian Business Visitor Visas:

Once a visitor has a business visitor visa, they can do the following activities all across the country:
  • Attending a business meeting, conferences or running site visits
  • Experiencing training in Canada
  • Fulfill with an after-sales agreement
  • Purchase goods in Canada for a foreign company
  • General business visit activities

Benefits of a Canadian Business Visitor Visa

During the duration of the visa, a foreigner with a business visitor visa is free to travel throughout Canada to visit family friends and explore the country.Moreover, business visitors can participate in events, meetings, trade shows and meet with clients. Indeed, it is an opportunity to explore Canada, assess options to extend the stay and evaluate pathways to relocate eventually. 

Required Documents for a Canadian Business Visitor Visa

To qualify for a business visitor visa, the applicant needs to provide documents to support the intention of the visit. It will also help to demonstrate how the applicant will conduct business in Canada. Some documents can be: 
  1. An invitation of a Canadian organization for the foreign applicant
  2. An employment letter to certify that the applicant is currently employed full-time by a foreign company.
  3. Prove the applicant is not coming for employment purposes.
  4. A copy of the Passport data page
  5. For a training visit, the applicant needs a letter to prove enough experience to run training. It can help with a letter or resume.
  6. An itinerary with all activities while in Canada
  7. Proof sufficient ties to the applicants’ home country

Apply for a Business Visitor Visa

Firstly, there is no special visa for business visitors in Canada. It means, that business visitors must follow the standard procedure for a TRV. In addition, during the process, applicants need to indicate they will enter Canada for international business activities. However, some business visitors may be from a visa-exempt country. In that case, they still need an electronic travel authorization (eTA). In addition, business visitors can bring family with them to Canada. But, each family member must complete a visitor visa application.

What is an eTA?

Most foreigners who want to visit Canada need a valid visitor visa, or if they are coming for business, they need a Business visa. However, as we mentioned before, nationals of some countries are visa-exempt. However, they do need electronic travel authorization (eTA). It is a document for visa-exempt foreign nationals travelling to or through Canada by air.An exception to the eTA requirement or business visa is USA citizens. They can continue to travel to Canada using their U.S. passport.

How to Apply for an eTA

To apply for an eTA, applicants need personal information, a valid address and a passport. In addition, they need to complete an online form and pay a $7 government fee with a credit card. Once the eTA is approved, it will remain valid for five years or until your passport expires. Whatever is first. Moreover, if you have more than one passport, you must travel with the one that your eTA is linked to. Approval time can be minutes or a couple of days. We strongly recommend applying before travelling.Again, USA citizens travelling with a valid passport, do not need an eTA or business visa to enter Canada

Business Visitor Visa or Work Permit?

A Canadian business visa is different from a  work permit. In fact, with a visitor visa, you cannot enter the Canadian workforce. Business visitor visas allow short-term stays for business activities such as conferences, meetings or training. Otherwise, if you are transferred to Canada by your company or found a job offer with a Canadian company, you need a work permit. However, you can always visit and search for a Candian job.Then, as long as you cannot legally work in Canada without a work permit, you must apply for a work permit before starting working. For the Canadian work permit, you must apply to the Canadian visa office responsible for the country where you live. If that’s the case, you may leave Canada during your application process. Regardless, you can remain in Canada while your visitor visa is valid.

Tips for a Business Visitor Visa 

Individuals with a Business visitors visa usually can stay in Canada for a few weeks at a time. To have a good experience, you must demonstrate that: 
  • The trip is less than six months
  • You don’t plan to enter the Canadian Labour Market
  • Proof business and income is from outside of Canada
  •  Meet Canada’s basic requirements: have a valid travel document, prove enough funds for the trip, and return.
  • Intend on exiting Canada after your business visit is completed.

Is a Medical Exam Necessary to get a Business Visitor Visa?

A medical exam is not needed. But, it will be required if you will work with an occupation that needs public health security, such as healthcare workers, workers in primary or secondary school, or nursing and senior homes.

Processing Time to Get a Canadian Business Visa

As we said before, it can take one to five weeks to process. However, it all depends on the Canadian embassy you’re applying.

Do Business Visitors Also Need a Canadian Work Permit?

If the visitor carries out business activities related to their job back in the country of origin, they won’t need a work permit. However, suppose they plan to stay longer than six months or carry out managerial or production business activities. In that case, they need to acquire a temporary resident visa or a work permit.

What Do USA Citizens Need to Enter Canada?

Canadian law requires that all USA citizens carry both proofs of citizenship and proof of identity. Consequently, a valid USA passport satisfies these requirements. In addition, USA citizens don’t need a special business visa to enter Canada. At mana immigration, we can help you with everything related to immigration and travel to Canada. Contact us to start your application process.
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