Entrepreneur Visa in Canada

Entrepreneur Visa in Canada
As you probably know, there are several options to come to Canada. Depending on your situation, you can come with an entrepreneur visa, with a study permit or as a skilled worker. Suppose you are interested in running a business. In that case, most Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada have at least one stream for entrepreneurs, which targets people who want to run or expand their business in Canada. Indeed, Canada is an excellent place to start and run a business, and there are many ways to make it. But then, if you decide to do it through a Provincial program (PNP), it is essential to know that each province has different eligibility requirements and rules. Those are based on its economies and market priorities.

PNP and Entrepreneur Visa Options

British Columbia (B.C.)

British Columbia is one of Canada’s most popular destinations. Also, it has one of Canada’s most flexible, competitive and diverse economies. As a result, B.C. is an excellent destination for starting a new business. Besides its excellent conditions, British Columbia is proud to offer two different investor streams for foreigners.So, if you want to run a business in B.C. and get an entrepreneur visa, those are your options:
  • Entrepreneur Immigration – Base Category
  • Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot


Alberta is the second-largest agricultural province in Canada. It has diverse landscapes with perfect conditions for crop production, livestock production, etc.If you want to get an investor visa to settle in Alberta, you need to apply for the Investment Visa program under the Self-Employed Farmer Stream.
  • Self-Employed Farmer Stream: This stream targets skilled farmers who want to purchase or install a farm in Alberta. 


Saskatchewan is becoming a very popular province. It has many forestries, mining, agriculture, and energy resources. It is also an excellent place for starting a new business, especially if you have experience in farming.The province currently offers entrepreneur visa programs for international individuals in the following streams:
  • Entrepreneur Category
  • Farm Owners and Operators and Young Farmer Stream
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Category


Manitoba is a province besides Ontario. It is a land of natural beauty with safe and friendly towns. Indeed, it is recognized for its expansive land and importance to Canada’s economy. As a result, most of its businesses focus on natural resources, specifically agriculture. The province currently has two types of entrepreneur visas for international individuals :  
  • The Entrepreneur Pathway
  • Farm Investor Pathway (FIP)


Ontario is one of the favourite provinces for newcomers. It is home to Canada’s federal capital, Ottawa and its financial centre, Toronto. Indeed, Ontario is a top destination for foreign investment in North America. It is close to the USA, with a large banking sector and active capital markets. In addition, if you want to get an entrepreneur visa, the province also offers one stream for international individuals who wish to start a new business or buy an existing business in Ontario.
  • Entrepreneur Visa Ontario: This stream is for foreigners who want to have an entrepreneur visa to start a new business or buy one in Ontario. In addition, after the company is established in Ontario, the entrepreneur and his/her close family members can apply for permanent residence.

Newfoundland and Labrador

The province is one of the fastest-growing Canadian regions. It is also one of the top spots where small companies and entrepreneurs succeed. This area is highly recognized for its tech industry and its enormous landscape, with many opportunities for eco-tourism businesses. There are two streams to getting an entrepreneur visa in this province:
  • International Entrepreneur
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has abundant natural resources for profitable business opportunities in mining, fishing, agriculture and natural gas extraction. As a result, two entrepreneur visa streams are available in Nova Scotia.
  • Entrepreneur
  • International graduate entrepreneur

New Brunswick

New businesses in New Brunswick have some of the lowest operating costs in Canada and the U.S, and it is the largest maritime province in Canada. If you want to get an entrepreneur visa in New Brunswick, there is one stream to do it. This entrepreneur stream allows skilled business owners and senior managers to establish and manage a business while living in New Brunswick. 
  • Entrepreneur stream

Requirements for an Entrepreneur Visa in Canada

Each province has their own business streams with its own requirements. But, overall, all provincial programs focus on foreign entrepreneurs who want to buy or open and actively manage a business in Canada. Moreover, after you meet specific criteria to qualify, you will receive an entrepreneur visa and the right to live and work in Canada. As we said before, there are different requirements for each stream. However, there are also some common factors that the Canadian government requires to evaluate an application before granting an entrepreneur visa. Some of those factors are:
  • Have managerial experience or studies related to business.
  • Proof enough money or assets to run the business.
  • Have a good business plan.
  • Prove you will create employment for at least one Canadian in the province.
  • Other criteria will apply depending on each province.

FAQ’s About Entrepreneur Visa 

  •  How to Get an Entrepreneur Visa in Canada?
The first thing you should do is choose your program and the province where you want to manage the business. As you can see, there are many Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur streams, and it will all depend on your profile and background.
  • How Much Money do I Need to Have an Entrepreneur Visa in Canada? 
If you decide to apply through a provincial program, it will vary depending on the province and immigration stream. However, Canada also offers other entrepreneur programs. Such as the Start-Up Visa, Owner Operator Work Permit and the Intra-Company Transferee program.  
  • Can I Open a Business in Canada and get an Entrepreneur Visa While Studying? 
No. You can not open a business in Canada as an international student while studying. However, several provinces offer graduate entrepreneur streams for individuals that already finished their course and want to open a business in Canada. 
  • Is It Worthy To Have a Business in Canada?
Yes. Canada is one of the best places to start a business worldwide. It is known for its highly qualified workforce, excellent global market access and lower costs than other markets. Also, once in Canada, you will have access to new technologies and high life quality for your family.  One of the most popular streams is the entrepreneur visa for Ontario.
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