Best Programs for Business Immigration in Canada

Best Programs for Business Immigration in Canada
Canada is one of the best places to start a business. In fact, according to the Levels Plan for 2021-2023, it is expected to welcome more than 400,000 new permanent immigrants per year, most of them from the economic class and the business immigration programs in Canada. Then, it is not a surprise that Canada welcomes hundreds of entrepreneurs every year. Indeed, the country supports business immigration through several business programs across Canada. On the other hand, Canada also represents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs. It is a land rich in natural resources, with a highly skilled labour workforce and a stable economy. So, whether you are a business individual and want to transfer your business to Canada, start a new business or purchase an existing one to run it, you must know that Canada has programs for all the options.  Overall, it is critical to know all your options and your requirements to qualify. In the end, several business immigration programs will allow you to start your new business in Canada and live a successful life in this country full of opportunities. 

Most Popular Business Immigration in Programs – Canada

  • Start-Up Visa program

The start-up visa focuses on interested entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas who want to come to Canada. Under this program, candidates must earn support from designated organizations and prove it with a valid letter. It is vital to know that business plans must be viable and improve the Canadian economy. Canada Start-up Visa requirements To qualify and receive the support of the designated organizations, entrepreneurs must prove they have a qualifying business and can bring enough money to settle in Canada.It is one of the most exciting business immigration programs since successful candidates will get support from an approved business group to invest in their start-up. 

Intra-Company Transferee Program

Also known as ICT, it’s one of Canada’s most popular pathways to come and work as a foreigner. It is a business immigration program that temporarily allows international individuals to work in Canada. Then, if a multinational company has a branch or subsidiary in Canada, they can transfer specialized workers to the Canadian location. One of the main benefits of the ICT program is that it does not require employers to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) since they are providing crucial economic benefits to the Canadian economy.   

Provincial Nominee Program for Entrepreneurs 

This business immigration program in Canada targets interested people who want to invest in Canada. Provincial Nomination programs identify candidates who meet their specific requirements and provide them with nominations, consequently increasing their CRS. Most all provinces in Canada have a PNP program with a business stream.There is a specified process to immigrate to Canada through the PNP program and arrange your business in that province. For instance, you can invest in a company or a farm. It will depend on your background, interestest and money. Also, it is essential to know that you will always need to provide a proper business plan, prove you will settle in that province and show how you plan to implement it under this option. 

Owner-operator LMIA Program

The OOWP is a business immigration program that allows individuals to start or purchase a business in Canada and get a temporary work permit.As a foreigner with a temporary work permit, you can then apply to become a permanent resident. Moreover, as an owner-operator candidate, you can get your temporary work visa within 2 to 3 months and you aren’t attached to opening your business in a particular province. You can choose where you want to do it and even move after that. 


Benefits of Canada Business Immigration Visa

As we said before, there are many benefits to getting a Business Visa in Canada. From a stable economy, better infrastructure, and access to world markets. It is an excellent opportunity for investors worldwide.
  • Better Infrastructure to start your Business Immigration in Canada

The most significant advantage of moving to Canada and opening a business is the infrastructure availability. The government provides support to entrepreneurs and everyone investing in running businesses. As we mentioned, almost every province has a stream to support businesses.Furthermore, one of the best things about immigrating to Canada is to have the latest technology for your business. So then, if you have a start-up idea or want to open a branch, this is the best time to start your immigration business journey to Canada. 
  • Access to World Markets

Indeed, once you have your business in Canada, you will have access to world markets like the USA, South America and even European countries. It will open your business to new profitable opportunities to expand and succeed internationally. 
  • Low cost of Running a Business

Comparing the cost of running a business in the USA, it is much easier and cheaper to run it in Canada. In fact, depending on your location. Therefore, we would say that living and running a business in Canada is cost-effective.
  • Great Resources

As we mentioned before, Canada is extremely rich in natural resources and has a vast skilled workforce. Therefore, you will have great opportunities to grow your business, hire people you want for your business and obtain good profits.
  • Permanent Residency Via Business Immigration in Canada

Of course, one of the goals for everyone is to obtain a permanent residency. When you come to Canada as an entrepreneur under a business immigration program, you will have the option to settle and get permanent status. It is one of the most common pathways to do it since entrepreneurs are always welcome in Canada. 
  • Acquire Citizenship

After getting your PR, you can also qualify for Canadian citizenship. It is a process that may take some years, but you will love it. It brings lots of benefits for you and your family. As you can see, Canada is the perfect destination to live your dreams through any business immigration programs. After all, immigrating to Canada is a great option to succeed as an entrepreneur and enjoy this beautiful country with your close family members.  
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