Find a Construction Job in Canada

Find a Construction Job in Canada
If you’re a foreign worker looking for a construction job in Canada, you can be sure it is an excellent option since this industry grows every year. In fact, it is happening in various provinces, cities and towns all across the country. Canada’s construction sector employs more than 1 million people and offers opportunities for everyone.After saying that, it is clear that construction workers are in demand all across the country, so it is a fantastic time to find a construction job in Canada. So, if you plan to immigrate to Canada permanently as a construction worker, you should first know the requirements to have a smooth process and find the perfect job for your needs.

How is a Construction Job in Canada?

To have a smooth process and start a career in the construction industry in Canada, you should know that workers specified under the Skill Level D: Construction Trade Helpers and Labourers NOC 7611. This occupation is defined as a Demand category in some provinces, like Ontario.If you are planning to come work at a construction job in Canada, you will see that, compared to other first-world countries, a higher quality of life is enjoyed by Canadian residents across all professions, including in construction.Overall, in Canada, a construction job salary is $39.000 per year, but experienced workers can earn up to $58,000 per year.

Most Popular Areas for Construction Workers

  • Residential places
  • Infrastructure (transportation, water, utilities)
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
Another fact to consider is the aging population in Canada. It affects all economic sectors, including construction. As a result, it creates a high demand for construction workers and tradespeople, and as long as Canada is the second-largest country with around 38 million residents, it continues to depend on international workers to support its construction development. Then, it makes it the perfect time to find a construction job in Canada.

Construction Job Description in Canada

As we mentioned before, construction trades helpers and labourers are under the NOC 2011-7611. A Construction trades helper and labourer is someone who assists skilled tradespersons and performs labouring activities at construction sites. They are usually employed by construction companies, trade and labour contractors, and surface mine and quarry operators.Some construction jobs in Canada are:
  • asphalt spreader
  • bricklayer
  • carpenter
  • concrete mixer
  • drywall slander
  • plumber
  • roofer
Also, some responsibilities as a construction worker include:
  • Pack and unpack construction materials, and carry them to work areas
  • Disassemble concrete forms, ramps, shoring and walls needed at construction sites
  • Watch or provide machines/equipment used in construction
  • Direct traffic near construction sites
  • Remove trash and other waste using different equipment
  • Mix and distribute materials as needed

Construction Professionals

When looking for a construction job in Canada, it is better to have a solid engineering or construction background. Indeed, it will provide excellent technical knowledge for construction workers who wish to build a career in this active industry.Unlike countries like Australia or New Zealand, Canada focuses on immigration via permanent residence rather than bringing in temporary foreign workers on short-term permits. As a result, it’s easier to qualify for permanent residence in Canada than with a construction job offer. Indeed, there are many options to do it all across the country.

Immigrate to Canada as a Construction Professional

The most exciting thing about moving to Canada as a construction worker is the multiple options available to become a PR. In addition, unlike in other countries like Australia, in Canada, there are work permit categories that don’t require a job offer, and there is a direct and fast route to permanent residence. So, even if you don’t have a job offer in any construction-related position in Canada.Canada welcomes construction workers through several immigration programs and a range of work permit categories. Overall, Canada considers Construction Workers as Skilled or Semi-Skilled workers. It allows you to qualify for some programs, such as:
  • Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  •  Provincial Nominee Programs

Visa Options for Construction Workers in Canada

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program allows candidates with a valid job offer in the In-Demand Skills Stream to qualify for permanent status.If you have options to get construction jobs offers in Ontario, Canada and get the experience, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Have a minimum of nine months of full-time work experience as a construction worker in Ontario
  • Prove you had a score of 4 on your language test result
  • Proof you have enough money to settle in Canada and support your family members. You can prove it with your job offer
  • Get an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for your education. At least a secondary school
  • Show proof of intention to settle in Ontario after acquiring permanent status.
It is a good option for individuals looking for construction jobs in Ontario Canada.

Federal Skilled Trade Program

The Federal Skilled Trades Program is an excellent option to immigrate and work at a construction job in Canada. This program is created for skilled individuals who want to become permanent residents in a skilled trade profession.To qualify, there are some requirements you must meet:
  • Have job offers from two employers in Canada for at least one year or hold a Certificate of Qualification from a provincial agency
  • Proof you meet basic language proficiency with a language test result
  • Have at least 24 months of qualified work experience in the skilled trade
  • Demonstrate that you have the skills required as essential duties of the occupation

Provincial Nominee Program

With this program, you can immigrate to Canada if you are a skilled or semi-skilled worker with a valid job offer in a specific province or territory. You can start by searching for a construction job in your preferred region. Each province has its PNP with in-demand occupations that meet its labour market needs.If this is your choice, it requires you to send an Expression of Interest in relocating and settling in that province.As you can see, there are many options to find a job in the construction field in Canada and immigrate to have a better life quality. In mana jobs, our sister company, we can help you find a construction job offer to start living your dreams. Whether you have construction jobs offers in Ontario Canada or you are looking for an opportunity, we can help you.Moreover, to make it even easier, at mana immigration, our experts can help you with everything related to the work visa and work permit you need to come to Canada.
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