Investor Immigration

Canada offers different Investor Immigration programs for business individuals with the experience, net worth and skills required to immigrate and become permanent residents of Canada. These programs aim to promote economic growth, employment and development in the country.

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Investor Immigration

Investor immigration programs
are your best options to become a Canadian permanent resident

Skilled candidates who want to immigrate and invest in Canada can make it through different Investor immigration programs. Provincial Nominee Programs for investors and the Quebec Investor program are created to contribute to the country’s development and economic growth. Look at our programs to assess your eligibility.

Quebec Investor Program

Quebec Investor Program

Immigrants with the funds, skills and who want to live in Quebec may apply to the Quebec Investor program and get Canadian permanent residence faster by making a free-risk investment that is guaranteed by the Quebec government.

Provincial Nominee Programs for Investors

Provincial Nominee Programs for Investors

Most Canadian Provinces welcome newcomers under their Provincial Nominee Programs for investors. If you are an entrepreneur willing to run your Canadian company, this business can be your best option.

Frequently asked questions

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Depending on your situation, you can get an investor visa. Provincial Nominee programs for investors and the Quebec investor program are two options for investing in Canada and applying for permanent residency.

There are different programs to come as an investor in Canada. It will depend on the Province you are applying to select the programs that suit you the most.

Once a Canadian permanent resident, you can live and work in any Canadian province or territory. However, entrepreneurs intending to reside in Quebec will be required to manage a commercial enterprise, which you must establish or acquire a portion of, in Quebec.

It depends on the Province and the program you are applying. Most of the time, you need to make an investment and demonstrate you have enough money and net worth to get your Canadian business visa.

Immigrant Investor Programs are used to target skilled immigrants and develop the economies. In some cases, your investment is guaranteed . However, under any Investor Immigration program you can apply to obtain a Canadian permanent resident visa.

The Canadian Business Class is a category of Canadian Immigration where individuals with managerial experience and high net-worth qualify for a Canada Permanent Resident visa. Immigrant Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Persons are under this category.

According to IRCC (Refugees and Citizenship Canada), besides the application forms, education certificates, and status documents (passports, birth/marriage certificates, etc.), you must submit documents to prove your business experience and net worth.

As an applicant under the Provincial Nominee Program for investors, you are encouraged to make an exploratory visit to your selected province to assess the business environment of your proposal Canadian business.

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