Best NOC B Jobs for Getting PR in Canada

Best NOC B Jobs for Getting PR in Canada
Many NOC B and C jobs can help you become a Canadian permanent resident. But, to do it, you need to find the ideal immigration program to meet your needs. And now is the perfect time to start looking at all your options to come and work in Canada. In the first place,  you might not know that Canada uses the National Occupational Classification (NOC) to categorize jobs for immigration. Then, the NOC list ties occupations based on their responsibilities, the position’s requirements, and the nature of the work performed. Therefore, fields are classified on the following skill levels:
0Management positions.
AJobs that require a university degree.
BIt is for technical jobs and skilled trades. These positions demand a college diploma or training.
COccupations that only require a high-school diploma or job-specific training.
DLabour occupations that just require job-specific skills.
Overall, skilled and semi-skilled occupations are classified as levels B and C. So, let’s find out the best jobs under these skills to help you build a better future and become a permanent resident.

Overview of NOC B and NOC C Occupations

So, here is a quick explanation of these particular NOC B and NOC C levels. Then, depending on your background, you will see which category suits your needs better. 

Jobs NOC B

It is a category focused on technical jobs and skilled traders. A person needs a college diploma or training as an apprentice to qualify. The following options are some NOC B jobs in Canada: 
  • Chefs
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers

Jobs NOC C

This skill level targets intermediate occupations that need high school or specific training. Some jobs under the NOC C level are: 
  • Industrial Butchers
  • Truck drivers
  • Food and beverage servers
Overall, Canada lacks a workforce. Therefore, provinces and territories require to hire foreign people to come and help with their local needs. So, here are some common NOC C and NOC B jobs for foreigners in Canada.


It is good to know that the vacancy rate in Canada’s accommodation and food services sector is often increasing. Indeed, this industry has the highest lack of workers across the country, most of them in the restaurant industry. In this case, chefs are among the NOC B jobs positions available in this sector. 

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic

In this occupation, you will be in charge of installing, maintaining and repairing industrial, commercial and residential air conditioning systems. This position is categorized as one of the NOC B jobs in Canada. 

Butchers and Meat Cutters – Retail and Wholesale Trade

This occupation requires you to prepare meat for sale. Weigh the meat, wrap it, and put it on display. It is an excellent career to start in Canada and is in high demand in almost all of the country.

Electrician – Jobs NOC B

If you have the background, an electrician career in Canada can be one of the best NOC B jobs. Then, under this position, you will install and repair lighting fixtures and equipment and connect power to communications equipment, signalling devices, and cooling and heating systems. 

Human Resources and Recruitment Officers

The demand for Human resources and recruitment officers is increasing in Canada. Even more, now that companies are recruiting remote and on-site workers.As mentioned before, NOC B jobs usually need a university degree. So, for a Human Resource and Recruitment Officer job, you will need a college diploma and work permit to work in Canada. 


If you plan on starting a plumber career in Canada, it can also lead you to get permanent residence. As a plumber, you will need to repair or replace domestic appliances and install and maintain gas and liquid heating systems.

Crane Operators

As a crane operator, you will be working in the construction industry, which has enormous growth potential in Canada. It is a position categorized among NOC B-level jobs. Under this position, you have to operate crane machines to move, raise and place materials safely.

Dental Hygienists

Dental hygiene is also in the category of NOC B jobs in Canada. It is an excellent occupation that is in high demand. You can work in a private clinic or hospital or at a dental office. Again, you will need a college diploma to qualify for this position.

Contractors and Supervisors in Construction Trades – NOC Jobs B

Under this classification, you will be in charge of roofing, painting and supervising other construction trade contractors, like installers or repairs.


If you think about immigrating to Canada under a skill NOC B job level, being a welder can be a great option to start. You will have to assemble metal pieces or repair damage using heavy machinery and cut metal into the appropriate shape.

Construction Millwrights 

As a construction millwright, you need to inspect, clean and maintain industrial equipment. Moreover, you will also need to operate tractors to move machinery and interpret blueprints. 

Transport Truck Drivers

It is a job under the NOC C job skill level, and it’s an excellent option. Indeed, you may hear that truck drivers are in high demand in Canada. You will transport goods and/or raw materials to manufacturing plants or retail centers. If you want to be a truck driver, you should also inspect your truck’s mechanical and plan the routes.

Retail Salespersons

A retail salesperson’s job is specified under the NOC C level. Then, if you come to work in this occupation, you will answer customers’ questions, assist them with purchase decisions, place special orders and perform other tasks related to this field. NOC b Jobs

Programs to Immigrate to Canada with a Job Under NOC B or NOC C

As we said before, you can get Canadian PR with a NOC B job or a NOC C job. In fact, there are several programs to help you to qualify for your permanent status. Some of those programs are:
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Atlantic Immigration Program
  • Federal Skilled Trade Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Agri-Food Immigration Pilot
  • Quebec Immigration Program
  • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
In essence,  in Canada, there are many options to get your permanent status with a job in a NOC B or NOC B level. Even though it is not mandatory, we suggest you get professional assistance to have a smooth and successful process. At mana immigration, we can help you find the best pathway to live your dreams.
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