Provincial Nomination Programs

Provincial Nomination Programs
Provincial Nomination Programs, also known as PNP, are a unique pathway that allows provinces to select immigrants according to their needs. Therefore, upon reviewing the candidate’s profiles, the provinces choose and nominate some of them to become Permanent Residents. These provinces’ programs are essentially divided into two streams; express entry provincial programs and non-express entry streams. Overall, Provincial Nomination Programs are a powerful tool that adds 600 points to the candidate’s CRS total. In fact, it enables candidates with a passing score to receive an invitation. 

Provincial Trends – Provincial Nomination Programs

To sum up, within 80+ active programs in PNP, the streams depend on: 
  1. Job offers streams – Provincial Nomination Programs: To qualify under this stream, the candidate must show a genuine job offer from one of the provinces’ employers.
  2. Previous study or work experience in the province 
  3. Occupations in Demand: This includes a list of occupations needed for a specific province. The occupation in demand changes over time and in different provinces. This stream is suitable for overseas candidates. 
  4. Entrepreneur streams (Provincial Nomination Programs)
Some provinces also have specific farming programs as well as international graduates.  

Two Options – Apply or Get Picked Up 

There are two approaches to the PNP program. The provinces may invite candidates, or they can apply directly by completing an expression of interest to that specific province. Each province holds their scoring system and a passing score. It is based on education, work experience, and language, including French and adaptability. In addition, some provinces may require licenses for certain occupations under-regulated bodies. Finally, the PNP program has a vast potential for candidates since it gives them many points for their profiles. So, if a province picks you up, OR you show interest in a province and get a nomination, you will receive 600 CRS  points.Furthermore, these programs offer a variety of in-demand occupations hence increasing the paths to immigration to Canada. After all, there isn’t the best province. As long as you are eligible and genuinely interested in settling in the province you choose, it depends on your profile and the opportunities emerging from different streams. Written by:Abeer AlTal Immigration Consultant  
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