Canada Budget 2022: Grow the Economy and Make Life More Affordable.

Canada Budget 2022: Grow the Economy and Make Life More Affordable.
The Canadian Government recently highlighted the Budget 2022. Overall, it is making targeted and responsible investments to create good jobs, grow the economy and build a Canada where nobody gets left behind.The Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, Karina Gould, emphasized Budget 2022 investments in clean energy to:
  • Battle climate change
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Build a strong economy for today and tomorrow. 

Canada Budget 2022

To help Canadians and businesses benefit from transitioning to a clean economy, the Budget 2022 includes new incentives for developing clean technologies and carbon capture, utilization and storage. Therefore, the Government will invest more than $3 billion in making zero-emission vehicles more affordable for Canadians, expanding a national network of zero-emission car charging stations, and investing in clean energy. In addition, the Government will also make further investments to protect the land, lakes and oceans, expand the Oceans Protection Plan and support the Great Lakes Fishery Commission.Overall, economic growth and innovation are essential to Canada’s long-term wealth. New investments include launching the new world-leading Canada Growth Fund, attracting billions of dollars in private investment in Canadian industries and Canadian jobs. The Budget also proposes implementing Canada’s first Critical Minerals Strategy. It will also create several good jobs and capitalize on a growing need for minerals, from phones to electric cars. Furthermore, it is vital to note that Canada entered the pandemic with the lowest net debt-to-GDP ratio of all G7 countries. Moreover, Canada has seen the best jobs recovery in the G7, and as of this year, it has recovered 115% of the jobs lost at the pandemic’s peak. Currently, it has an unemployment rate of 5.3%—the lowest on record since 1976.To sum up, with this Budget 2022, Canada will maintain this leading position and economic growth. Building an economy that works for everyone. After all, Canada is an excellent place to start a new business and take advantage of the growing economy.Read here the complete press release about Budget 2022. 

Business Immigration Programs

Canada is the land of opportunities, where business owners can make their dreams come true. One of its goals to boost the economy is to attract business individuals with managerial skills and enough assets to invest.In that way, Canada offers different business immigration programs for self-employed individuals, investors, and entrepreneurs to move to Canada.

Business immigration programs in Canada

Depending on your background and situation, there are different options to immigrate and run your business in Canada. The following programs are some of the most popular all across the country.
  • Owner Operator Work Permit: The Owner-Operator LMIA is for foreign investors who want to come to Canada to buy a business and operate it.
  • Intra-Company Transferee (ICT): The ICT program allows international companies to transfer key employees to run operations in Canada.
  • Start-Up Visa: This program allows entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and receive funds from private organizations to operate.
  • Provincial Programs for entrepreneurs: Several entrepreneur programs are created to let individuals start a new business or buy an existing one.
  • Saskatchewan Farm Owner and Operator program: It targets experience farm owners who want to operate a farm in this province.

How to know your best option for a business immigration program?

Each option has different requirements and qualifications. But, then, it would depend on the amount of money you want to invest, your background and your profile. For instance, if you have an entrepreneurial idea, you can explore the Start-up program. But if you want to open a branch of your company in Canada and transfer a worker or yourself, the ICT program is the best choice. Another option applies if you have experience in farming, then the Saskatchewan farm owner program is your best choice. Besides your background and money to invest, it is also important to look if you have any preferences for a province. Because, in that case, each province has its entrepreneur streams, which are excellent options. Another great advantage of the business programs is that they all can lead you to get your Permanent Residency. Then, after meeting the criteria, you and your family can apply to stay, live and work in Canada permanently. Indeed there are several options to move to Canada through a business program. At mana immigration, we are experts in business visas. So contact us to evaluate all your options. 

How can we help?

We are experts in everything related to Canadian temporary and permanent visas, especially in business immigration programs. In addition, our lawyers and consultants customize our solution based on our client’s needs. Feel free to contact us to receive advice on running your own business on your own budget in Canada 2022.  
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