The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program
The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) lets the provincial Government nominate foreigners for permanent residency in Canada. Indeed, this program is one of the most complete and dynamic options. With streams and categories for qualified workers, international graduates, and business individuals.With more than 14.5 million people, Ontario is one of the most common destinations for newcomers. In fact, it is the most multicultural province in Canada, with a range of 40% of newcomers arriving each year. It has beautiful nature, extraordinary cities, and different cultures.But how can you move to Ontario from abroad? Besides the federal programs under the Express Entry system, Ontario authorities hold some unique pathways to welcome foreign individuals to Canada. So, if you want to relocate and settle in this province, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) can be one of your best pathways to get permanent status. This program nominates individuals and their family members to get PR. The OINP works based on the local market needs, workforce, and monetary growth priorities. Sometimes, candidates in the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) may be in the federal Express Entry pool. Indeed, there are three Express Entry-aligned streams under it. After all, when a candidate receives a provincial nomination, it guarantees them 600 additional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. Those points will strengthen its profile and the options to receive an invitation to apply (ITA) from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

What you Need to Know About the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program 

Immigrating to Canada under provincial programs is a process with two main steps: 1. Firstly, candidates must receive a PNP nomination. 2. Secondly, they should use that PNP nomination to apply for PR via the Express Entry system. There are many pathways to qualify. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) accepts applications in the following streams:
  • French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream.
  • Human Capital Priorities stream.
  • Skilled Trades stream.
  • Entrepreneur stream.
  • Employer job offer: Foreign Worker Stream, International Students Stream, In-demand Skills Stream.
  • Ph.D. graduates in Ontario.
  • Masters Degree Stream.
Applicants under the Master’s Graduate Stream and the Ph.D. Graduate Stream can apply without a job offer. However, skilled workers must fulfil the education, work experience, language level, and other requirements to join Ontario’s labour market successfully. Therefore, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program helps employers complete their job needs by recruiting international students and foreign workers. However, this application is not free. Candidates in the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program must pay between 1,500 – 3.000 CAD, depending on their stream. This cost is non-refundable and covers the expense of processing the application.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program – Application process

To apply, candidates need to follow these four main steps:1. Make sure you qualify.Firstly, applicants must select the program they would like to apply, and ensure to meet all the mandatory conditions for that stream.2. Create a profile and receive an invitation to apply or a notification of interest.Before receiving a nomination, candidates must create an online profile. All the profiles will be classified according to a scoring system.Then, top candidates will obtain an invitation to apply (ITA) or a notification of interest.
  • Employer job offer streams and international students: Need to register an expression of interest for their stream.
  • Express Entry streams: Candidates must submit a profile in the Express Entry system.
3. Apply to be nominated by the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.Once a candidate receives an invitation to apply or a notification of interest, it is time to apply get a nomination by the (OINP).
  • Employer job offer and international students: Candidates can apply online within 14 calendar days.
  • Express Entry streams: Candidates may apply within 45 days after receiving a notification of interest. 
Remember that it takes almost three hours to complete the application.4. Apply to the IRCC for permanent residence.After receiving the nomination, the next step is to apply for permanent residence through IRCC.Indeed, the Government of Canada is the one who makes the final decision on who becomes a permanent resident.

Intention to live in Ontario

To sum up, you should always remember that applicants must live in Ontario before and after receiving their PR through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. Then, to prove it, the Government assess their profiles based on :
  • Previous work experience in Ontario.
  • Job offers or interviews.
  • Studying in the province.
  • Properties.
  • Family ties, personal relationships.
  • Professional networks.
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