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Canada is a trendy country. Indeed, people expect to visit to have a short vacation or reunite with friends and family. However, most people don’t know that they probably need to apply for a Temporary Visitor Visa to enter Canada. 

What is a Temporary Visitor Visa in Canada?

A TRV is an official document issued by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) to prove a person meets the requirements for visiting Canada as a temporary resident. It is placed in a person’s passport.However, not everyone needs a Temporary Resident Visa to come to Canada. For example, some citizens from visa-exempt countries do not require it or need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).To know which one you require, you should check IRCC official website.

Steps For a Temporary Visitor Visa – Canada

Citizens who need a Visitor Visa for Canada must prove they meet all the criteria to enter the country. After all, visa officers are the ones who decide on whether to approve or deny visitor visa applications. To assess each case, they focus on:
  1. Applicant’s intention to go back to their home country after completing their visit to Canada.
  2. Documents to prove an applicant has sufficient ties to their home country as bases for exiting Canada on time.
  3. Prove applicants have enough funds to support their visit to Canada.
  4. Verify visitors have arranged a place to stay during their visit to Canada.
  5. Check the length and purpose of their visit and whether they have visited Canada before.
All these factors are evaluated before deciding on each application. Therefore, candidates should include all the supporting documentation to prove they meet each requirement.Then, Information about family members, ties to their home country, employment, savings, and travel records are essential in determining the result of an application. Often, a complete application has more chances to succeed than an unwell-documented application. After that, when you receive the approval of your Visitor Visa Canada, you can check if it a is “single entry” or “multiple entry” visa. Then, if it is a Single entry, it would only allow applicants a one-time trip to Canada. On the other hand, a Multiple entry visa enables the applicant to visit whenever they wish, as long as the visa is valid. If the applicant has a strong case application, it determines if the visitor visa is issued for single or multiple visits to Canada.

Apply Online

Step 1: Create a ‘My CIC Account’ and log in to your IRCC account through GCKey.Step 2: Go to ‘Apply to come to Canada.’Step 3: Fill the online application format and collect the supporting documentation.Step 4: Upload your biometrics receipt. Step 5: Pay the application fee.Step 6: Apply and wait for IRCC’s answer.

When to apply

If you need to apply for a Temporary Visitor Visa for Canada, we encourage people to submit their application at least three months before the departing date. Remember that processing times vary depending on your country of residence. Cost$100.00 CAD for each application$85.00 CAD for biometrics (if applicable)

Apply for a Visitor Visa Canada For Your Family

If you are living in Canada and your family wants to visit for a short time, you can support their visa application by providing the following documents:Letter of invitation: You must write it on your behalf, including:Your relative’s name, date of birth, address, and telephone number Your name, address, and telephone number are in Canada. Include your current status and its support (copy of study permit or work permit, if applicable).If you invite your parents or siblings, they should prove enough funds for their stay in Canada. It can be done with bank statements, pay stubs, and other documents. Besides, to demonstrate they have a strong connection and ties to their home country, they must include records of their job, properties, family, etc.Finally, after their visa approval, they can travel to Canada. Upon arrival, immigration authorities tend to ask visitors about the purpose of their visit. Tell your family to have your invitation letter and all the documents they provide to make this process easier.Immigrate to Canada with your Family

Have You Been Denied a Temporary Visitor Visa?

If your application is refused, you can always appeal other decisions to the Federal Court of Canada. However, sometimes it can be a lengthy and challenging process. So, it may be even better to do a reapplication. Therefore, to improve your previous response and have a positive result, you should be able to address the circumstances of the visa officer who initially refused your application. Then, if you are in this position, you must use the help of an experienced and trustworthy immigration consultant to work in your case.At mana immigration, we are a regulated and expert team of immigration consultants and lawyers bringing knowledge and skills to our daily work to help you live your dreams.
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