New IEC Candidates Invited

New IEC Candidates Invited

Over the past two weeks, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) conducted recent selections from the pools of the International Experience Canada (IEC) program. From September 2nd to September 15th, Canada extended invitations to 5,378 young foreign candidates to apply for an open work permit through the IEC. As of September 15th, a total of 29,715 IEC candidates had registered in the pool, eagerly awaiting their invitation.

In this particular selection round, the breakdown of invitations included 2 for Andorra, 484 for Australia, 3 for Austria, 87 for Belgium, 947 for Chile, 3 for Costa Rica, 14 for Croatia, 79 for the Czech Republic, 23 for Denmark, 12 for Estonia, 254 for France, 289 for Germany, 33 for Greece, 11 for Hong Kong, 273 for Ireland, 210 for Italy, 298 for Japan, 475 for Korea, 2 for Latvia, 2 for Lithuania, 5 for Luxembourg, 63 for the Netherlands, 99 for New Zealand, 8 for Norway, 29 for Poland, 72 for Portugal, 17 for Slovakia, 2 for Slovenia, 162 for Spain, 41 for Sweden, 13 for Switzerland, 585 for Taiwan, and 781 for the United Kingdom. In the year 2023, Canada has issued a total of 119,104 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) under the IEC Program.

IEC (International Experience Canada)

If you’re a Canadian citizen aged between 18 and 35, the International Experience Canada (IEC) program offers an exceptional opportunity for you to work and travel abroad. Through IEC, you can obtain a work permit or visa that allows you to both work and explore in over 30 countries and territories.

Participating in the IEC program provides you with valuable international work experience, which can greatly advance your career. Additionally, it allows you to build lasting connections and contribute to strengthening Canada’s position in the global workforce. Moreover, this opportunity enables you to immerse yourself in different cultures while working, helping you discover your own strengths and gain inspiration along your journey.

International Experience Canada

The IEC program has established agreements with more than 30 countries and foreign territories, streamlining the process for Canadian youth to participate in work and travel experiences abroad. These agreements operate on a reciprocal basis, meaning that young people from these nations and territories also have simplified access to work and travel opportunities in Canada.

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