Why Should you Immigrate to Canada?

Why Should you Immigrate to Canada?
When thinking about moving abroad, you might consider many options. But, have you thought about Canada? Let us tell you some of the most common reasons why people immigrate to Canada.Firstly, Canada is famous for being one of the most welcoming countries. Every year over  350.000 newcomers arrive in the country, and they are essential to Canada’s success.After all, Canada has one of the world’s lowest birth rates and an ageing population. Therefore, the country needs newcomers to contribute to the economy. Overall, Canada needs immigrants to strengthen its tax base and support appreciated social programs like universal health care, schools, and retirement funds. Furthermore, immigrants are an essential part of every workforce, education system, and Canadian culture.

Canada is Multicultural

If you need to decide why to immigrate to Canada, you must know Canada welcomes you just as you are. Indeed, it wants your diversity, food, tradition, religion and everything that makes you be you.Canada won’t encourage newcomers to copy or to adhere to Canadian values. In fact, the “Canadian culture” is a mix of global cultures. Then, every time you think, why immigrate to Canada? Remember that inclusivity, diversity and multiculturalism are Canadian strengths and a way of living.

Better Work-Life Balance

On the other hand, workers in Canada enjoy shorter schedules. While full-time workers in the U.S. work 47 hours a week, the regular weekly work schedule is 40 hours in Canada.


Canadian children have access to free high-quality education at public schools. Also, post-graduate education is among the most affordable globally. It had been ranked among the world’s best. Students in Canada have access to affordable loans or tuition discount programs. In addition, coming as a student is a pathway to immigration.

Universal Healthcare

Free universal healthcare is the pride of Canadians and certainly the envy of the world. Despite several private health care systems in other countries, anyone can visit all hospitals, doctors, and E.R.s at no cost in Canada.  Universal healthcare is one of the first reasons why people immigrate to Canada every year.

Paid Maternity Leave

When moving abroad, you might also want to grow your family. And, the Canadian Government supports new moms with over 35 weeks of paternity leave. 

Stable Economy

As you may know, Canada has a world-class secure banking system and a constant currency. Newcomers have easy access to banking, loans, and government assistance for business.  Even though you are not a finance person, this is also a good reason why people decide to immigrate to Canada. In fact, Canada’s banking system is often selected as the world’s most stable.


Canada has a very low crime rate os one of the safest places in the world. Indeed, gun violence and homicide rates are lower in Canada than in the U.S.

Canada’s Nature

Canada offers endless beautiful natural landscapes, such as the Rocky Mountains, the Appalachian Mountains, Niagara Falls, Banff National Park, the Northern Lights, among many other places. Since it is the second-largest country globally and the land of opportunities, you will immediately understand why people immigrate to Canada as soon as you arrive.

Canada’s Climate

A common mistake is believing Canada is a frozen arctic country. That’s not true. Yes, it has severe winters. However, during summer you will have the chance to enjoy many great activities. You can visit parks, beaches, camping, hiking, kayaking and more.To sum up, are you still wondering why to immigrate to Canada? We are sure it is one of the best decisions in your life. Canada awaits you! Quick History About CanadaWhy did the British immigrate to Canada in the 1800s?If you want to understand why the British immigrate to Canada in the 1800s, one of their main motives was the economic situation, since, back in the early 19th century, many Englands were unemployed. Besides, the upper and middle classes emigrated because they were incapable to maintain their appearance at home. The migration encouraged the British to immigrate to Canada behind the War of 1812. It even included military troops who served in that war. 
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