The Medical Exam for Canada PR

The Medical Exam for Canada PR
Canada requires immigrants to get a medical exam to complete their PR applications. Every year, Canada welcomes skilled foreigners to immigrate and boost the economic growth of the country. Then, if you want to come and obtain the Permanent Residence, you may need to complete a medical exam. Immigration, Residence and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requires this exam to ensure newcomers are in good health and won’t be a risk for the Canadian population. Overall, an IRCC medical exam will include:
  • A personal medical history form.
  • A physical examination.
  • Blood test.
  • Other tests may be relevant
If you want, you are legally authorized to bring a chaperone to your appointment. Also, when you go to your medical exam, you must bring proper identification and, if applicable, information about your list of medications, lenses or eyeglasses.  

Why are Medical Exams Done for Canada PR?

The main objective of the medical exam for Canada PR is to ensure that a candidate is medically admissible to the country. Then, if a person is a threat to public health or under a medical condition that might excessively demand the healthcare system, their application might be denied.

How is the Medical Exam for Canada PR?

Once you arrive, the clinic staff will ask for identification. After that, you will probably require to take a picture to keep on their record.  Then, the doctor will fill out a medical history questionnaire. This is about any previous or current medical conditions. 

Physical Examination

In this part of the exam, the doctor will: 
  • weight you
  • measure your height
  • check your vision
  • check your hearing
  • blood pressure
  • feel your pulse
  • check your heart and lungs
  • look at your skin
Moreover,  you may need to do chest x-rays and laboratory tests. It is for regular screening. 

Who Needs a Medical Exam for PR Canada?

It depends on whether a person is applying for temporary residence (workers, students, and visitors) or permanent residency.Canada medical exam for temporary residents: If you intend to stay for six months or less, you don’t require a medical exam for Canada PR, except if you will work in a specific job that demands it. For example, if you are coming to work in public health and will have contact with people. Those jobs can be:
  • clinical laboratory 
  • nursing and senior homes
  • medical students admitted attending university in Canada
  • medical physicians on short-term 
  • workers in primary and secondary school
  • in-home care to children, elderly and disabled
  • daycare employees
  • Agricultural workers from designated countries/territories.
However, other jobs may also require applicants to take a medical exam. Besides, agricultural workers who have visited or worked for at least six months in specific countries may also need a medical exam for Canada PR.Temporary Residents Intending to Stay Six Months or More: You will need a medical exam for your Canada PR if you meet one of the following situations.
  • You have lived or visited some specific countries for at least six months within the last year.
  • You will work in a job related to public health.
  • Super visa applicant.
Canada medical exam for permanent resident applicants: Most of the time, all candidates for permanent residency require a medical exam. And it includes their accompanying spouses, partners, and dependent children. However, a temporary policy exempts some low-risk applicants from getting a medical exam for their Canada PR application. This policy has been effective since December 28, 2021. We recommend you take a look at the official IRCC website.

Immigration Doctor List for Canada PR

To take your medical exam for your Canada PR application, you must go with a doctor-approved by IRCC. You can find them on this list of panel physiciansBut, you should know that physician doesn’t make the final decision about your medical decision, and if something isn’t normal, IRCC will contact you. 

Canada Immigration Processing Time After Medical Exam

The results from the medical exam for Canada PR applications take about three months to process. After that time, if no more documents are needed, IRCC will tell you the following steps. 

Immigration medical exam cost Canada

Medical exams cost vary from country to country. 

medical exam for Canada PR
Learn everything about the medical exam for Canada PR application

Why can a Person be Inadmissible for PR to Canada?

A person can be medically inadmissible if:
  1. They are considered a risk for public health in Canada: Then, applicants can not have certain contagious illnesses.
  2. If they are an excessive demand for the Canadian healthcare system: In Canada, health care and social services are universal and free for all citizens and permanent residents. Consequently, applicants can be inadmissible if they would be an economic burden for the free system or negatively affect Canadians’ wait times. 
On the other hand, many temporary resident applications do not require this exam. Then, some international students, workers, and visitors won’t need to meet these admission criteria for their visas to Canada.

How Long are the Results of a Medical Exam for PR Valid?

Medical exams for Canada PR are valid for 12 months from the date of the exam. If your results are older than this, you will have to complete a new exam.
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