Why Does Canada Needs More Immigrants?

Why Does Canada Needs More Immigrants?
It is not a secret that Canada needs more immigrants. In fact, the country has always been open about its immigration policies. Besides, Canada is one of the most multicultural countries with a stable economy.Even though the pandemic made traveling difficult, the immigration targets are still high for the upcoming years. Canada needs more immigrants, and it plans to welcome more than 1.2 million by 2023. Indeed, the Canadian government depends on foreign nationals to meet its goal. Therefore, every year thousands of skilled people come to become permanent residents.

Canada Has one of the World’s Oldest Populations. 

Not only does Canada have an ageing population, but it also has one of the lowest birth rates. This situation generates economic and fiscal pressures on its society. Since it means a low rate of the labour force.Low economic growth makes it challenging for Canada to increase taxes. And taxes are needed to support social services. Such as healthcare, education and other essential areas that require contributions to preserve the high living standard of the country.Consequently, to increase its population, boost the labour force, and strengthen the economy, Canada has increased its immigration levels.  

Canada Needs More Immigrants for its Financial Growth.

Canada has typically welcomed over 200,000 immigrants per year. However, the country increased its levels to strengthen the economy. Then, the immigration rate now stands at 0.9%. Indeed, it is welcoming more newcomers per capita than the United States. Immigration will remain vital to supporting a healthy economy in the country. Also, Canada needs more immigrants to overcome the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Why are Immigrants Important to Canada?

  • Canada needs more immigrants to contribute to the economy:

    The Canadian economy depends on the workforce and their payment of taxes. Then, Canada needs more immigrants to boost the labour force. Especially when the national population is ageing and Canadians do not have many kids. 
  • Newcomers easily integrate into their society:

    As long as Canada is a multicultural country, they enjoy volunteering and participating in social activities. It gives newcomers the feeling to trust their neighbours and adapt quickly to their new life. 
  • Immigrants are more likely to start a business:

    Canada offers an exciting environment for businesses. It is a strong economy with a stable currency, and it is close to New York City. One of the most important cities worldwide. Indeed, those new businesses create more employment for Canadians. 
  • Canada needs more immigrants to fill gaps in the labour market:

    The country has a labour deficit in some sectors and provinces. Therefore, some immigration programs, such as PNP, aim to attract skilled workers that fill their local needs and help their economies.  
Learn why Canada
Learn why Canada needs more immigrants

Main Pathways to PR

Express EntryDuring this year,  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have held Express Entry draws only for just two specific programs: the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).In other words, it means that candidates who are already in Canada are the ones who are more be suitable to stay and fit into the society. Canada needs more immigrants. Yet, skilled candidates who want to immigrate through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) must have a minimum of 12 months of work experience here. Also, they must have a language test results of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 5 or 7. Depending on their job. But, this immigration pathway is just for applicants who intend to live outside Quebec. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)Except for Quebec and Nunavut, all Canadian provinces and territories have their own Provincial Nominee Program. Those programs allow local governments to select candidates who will help them to strengthen their labour needs. In that way, if a candidate is selected, they can apply for permanent residence. Overall, provincial nominations aim to respond to local market needs. QuebecOn the other hand, Quebec has its own immigration programs. The Quebec Experience Program is a popular pathway for international students who studied at a post-secondary institution in the province. Also, temporary foreign workers with the required experience may qualify under this program.Besides, Quebec offers the Regular Skilled Worker Program. Its goal is to attract skilled workers and international graduates who want to stay permanently in the province. Applicants must know this is a point-based program to decide who receives a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). 

In-Canada Experience Benefits Labour Market Outcomes

As we already said, Canada needs more immigrants. And, those who have previously lived in Canada are likely to prosper better and adapt quicker than overseas immigrants.It can happen due to many reasons. Such as candidates already settled in Canada may improve their language level and learn about Canadian work culture. Wich is a significant matter for IRCC at the moment of sending invitations for PR.  
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