Success Stories: Work and Study Permits

Success Stories: Work and Study Permits

Are you considering working or studying in Canada? At mana immigration, we are dedicated to assisting individuals in realizing their dreams of moving to Canada. Today, we are proud to showcase the recent accomplishments of our clients, whose applications for work and study permits were successful. These success stories highlight the significant influence of our commitment and proficiency in the immigration field.

Hannah’s Post-Graduation Work Permit

Meet Hannah, a dynamic individual who, along with her husband and daughter, has called Canada home since December 2021. After successfully completing her studies in business management and marketing in April 2023, Hannah secured a job offer. With the expert guidance of mana immigration, she smoothly obtained a post-graduate work permit, enabling her to make the most of her career opportunities.

Victor’s Open Work Permit Extension

Victor arrived in Canada with his family in December 2021. He quickly landed a job with an open work permit, thanks to which he could support his family. When it was time for his work permit extension, mana immigration stepped in, ensuring a seamless process. Victor’s extended permit continues to allow him to contribute to Canada’s workforce.

Liora’s Study Permit Extension

Liora, the talented daughter of the family. With mana immigration’s support, Liora’s study permit was extended, providing her with the opportunity to pursue her education and dreams in Canada. This is a testament to mana immigration’s commitment to helping families follow their dreams in Canada.

New Approvals: success stories

The achievements of individuals like Hannah, Victor, and Liora emphasize how mana immigration excels in turning Canadian dreams into reality. Our team’s dedication, expertise, and comprehensive understanding of the immigration process play a crucial role in achieving such outstanding results.

How mana immigration Can Help

Are you planning to explore employment opportunities in Canada? Our success stories underscore the significant impact of our immigration expertise in helping individuals and families gain entry to Canada. If you or your family are facing challenges in securing a Canadian work permit, study permit or even a visitor visa, we encourage you to complete our assessment form. Furthermore, please feel free to reach out to us to arrange a free consultation. You can also stay informed about immigration news and the latest updates by connecting with us on social media. So, are you ready to begin a conversation with us about pursuing your goals in Canada?

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