Latest Success Stories

Latest Success Stories

At mana immigration, our dedication lies in fulfilling the aspirations of individuals looking to visit or settle in Canada. Today, we are thrilled to present our latest extraordinary success stories of our clients, whose study permit and work permit applications were recently approved. In other words, our clients’ experience with us stands as a compelling testament to the influence of commitment and proficiency in the field of immigration.

Ava’s Study Permit

We are excited to share Ava’s remarkable journey. Ava, a 26-year-old from Iran, had a dream of pursuing her education in Canada, and we are pleased to announce that her Study Permit has been APPROVED! This achievement stands as a testament to Ava’s unwavering determination and the steadfast dedication of our professional team at mana immigration.

Passport Request Letter
Ava’s Passport Request Letter

Ava’s journey to Canada exemplifies the power of hard work and perseverance. Her resolute commitment to her education, combined with the expert guidance provided by our team, has transformed her dream into a reality. So, we are immensely proud of Ava and eagerly anticipate her flourishing in the Canadian academic landscape.

Exciting News for a Family of Four

We are also proud to announce another remarkable achievement—a family of four has successfully secured their Canadian permits to pursue their dreams! Among these approvals, there were three Study Permit extensions, allowing the family members to continue their educational journeys in Canada. In addition, there was one Open Work Permit, enabling another family member to explore employment opportunities in this beautiful country.

Study and Work Permits for a family of 4

This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication of our expert team and the determination of this wonderful family.

Jimboy’s Work Permit

Mana immigration is glad to share our latest success story! We have received APPROVAL for Jimboy’s Open-Work Permit application from the Philippines, allowing him to join his partner in Canada. In other words, Jimboy’s journey to reunite with his loved one has taken a significant step forward, and we couldn’t be happier for them! As a matter of fact, our professional team at mana immigration is fully capable of making dreams come true, one approval at a time.

Passport Request Letter
Jimboy’s Passport Request Letter

How mana immigration Can Help

Are you thinking of visiting or working in Canada? Our success stories underscore the significant impact of our immigration knowledge in helping both families and individuals in gaining entry to Canada. If you or your family face challenges in obtaining a Canadian visitor visa or work permit, we strongly encourage you to complete our assessment form. Furthermore, feel free to contact us to arrange a free consultation. Also, stay connected with us on social media to stay informed about immigration-related updates and the latest developments. So, are you ready to have a conversation with us about your desire to live your dreams in Canada?

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