Application Updates for Alberta Advantage Immigration Program

Application Updates for Alberta Advantage Immigration Program

On June 20, 2023, the province of Alberta announced new updates surrounding the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP), providing details about the applications received within the different streams. The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program inventory update reflects the province’s ongoing efforts to attract skilled immigrants, support rural renewal, and facilitate family reunification. Therefore, it is a testament to the diverse opportunities that Alberta offers to immigrants and the crucial role immigration plays in the province’s socioeconomic development.

AAIP Application Updates

The AAIP inventory update showed a large number of applications across various immigration streams. The highest number of applications were received under the Alberta Opportunity Stream, with approximately 676 applications. This stream is recognized for its objective to support foreign workers already working in Alberta.

In addition, the Rural Renewal Stream saw around 245 applications, reflecting the ongoing interest in rural and northern immigration. This stream targets foreign workers wishing to live and work in smaller communities throughout Alberta.

Furthermore, the Accelerated Tech Pathway, the new stream introduced to attract talent in the technology sector, had 216 applications. Similarly, the Family Connection Stream, which aims to keep families together by making it easier for immigrants with families in Alberta to settle in the province, had 217 applications.

Last but not least, there were also 76 applications from priority sectors and less than ten applications under the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway. These figures demonstrate the wide range of opportunities the AAIP offers and the diverse group of immigrants seeking to make Alberta their new home.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has allocated 9,750 nominations to Alberta for 2023 under the AAIP. So far this year, Alberta has invited 584 candidates and issued 5,007 nomination certificates, showing a strong commitment to welcoming immigrants and contributing to Canada’s economic growth.

All in all, Alberta’s recent update to the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program inventory showcases the province’s ongoing commitment to attracting diverse, skilled individuals from across the globe. With many applications across various streams, such as Alberta Opportunity Stream, Rural Renewal Stream, Accelerated Tech Pathway, and others, the AAIP is a viable route for those seeking to bring their talents and expertise to Alberta.

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