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Study Permit

One of the options to come out to Canada and visit/live temporarily is coming out as an international student (elementary, secondary/high school (grades 9-12), undergraduate/postgraduate (college, university).

As a non-Canadian (does not apply to someone with an existing Permanent Resident PR status) that lives abroad, you will require a study permit in order to study in Canada unless exempted.  In order to qualify, you must be enrolled in a program that is more than 6 months in duration at a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada.

Elementary and Secondary Education in Canada

You may wonder, do I need to secure a study permit for my child(ren) when moving to Canada or if I plan to send my child alone to Canada.

College and University Education in Canada

Canada has one of the top universities and colleges globally that students seek to study. Let’s help you with your study permit application.

Study Permit Application

In order for you to obtain a study permit, you will have to go through a process. Let’s help you navigate through it.

Immigration Pathway

Education offers a route to Canadian permanent resident status. Let us help you with the application.
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