Why Study a Hospitality Career in Canada?

Why Study a Hospitality Career in Canada?
Once coming to Canada and start a new career, you may have several options in mind, and why not study a hospitality career?The hospitality field is one of the most in-demand industries in Canada. It is responsible for providing everything available in residences, restaurants, hotels, bars and vacation activities. Indeed, it is a growing field with multiple opportunities to develop and build a successful career. In the end, if you study hospitality in Canada, there are lots of options to build a rewarding career in the industry.

Study Hospitality and Find Your Dream Job

A hospitality job requires solid and soft skills. Many businesses like hospitals, restaurants, and hotels need constant personnel to meet their customer’s needs. Overall, these places trust in positive customer interactions to complete their daily operations. As you may know, Canada is the second largest country in the world, and the tourism sector is one of the biggest. Therefore, the industry requires experienced people to ensure clients are 100% satisfied and provide excellent service. For example, suppose a restaurant customer isn’t happy with their experience. In that case, they may stop visiting, choose a different location and not recommend the place. The same happens at hospitals, bars, cruises and all the venues.Overall, the hospitality industry relies on customer experiences. And, it has a strong growth in the coming years. Indeed, as the industry expands, employers will continue to hire more workers to fill the positions, which makes it the perfect time to study hospitality in Canada.

Jobs to Apply if You Study a Hospitality Career

Once you finish your hospitality career, you will immerse yourself in an exciting world and environment with many job offers, from entry-level positions to senior jobs. Some of the areas where you can  work are:  
  • Food and Beverage
Food and beverage is one of the biggest parts of the hospitality industry. So, after study a hospitality career, you can apply to work in restaurants, resorts, hotels, catering businesses or many other paths.So, if you love interacting with people and haven’t decided what to study, you definitely should study a hospitality career. Eventually, as long as you keep growing your job, you can be:
  • kitchen manager
  • restaurant manager
  • chefs
  • bar manager
  • catering supervisor
  • food and beverage directors
Overall, the food and beverage industry offers good salaries to workers, with higher wages for directors at big resorts, cruises and casinos.
  • Restaurant 
Overall, restaurants play an essential role in the hospitality industry. These locations constantly require servers and waiters, who handle orders, deliver food and perform other accommodation services to their clients.So, while you study hospitality, you may also be a host and be responsible for greeting clients and guiding them to their tables.
  • Accommodation
Hotels and resorts hold one of the biggest employers in the hospitality industry. At the same time, this area offers many routes like guest services, housekeeping, general hotel, and sales management. Overall, the industry offers good salaries. But, your experience, education and size of the business will also impact your salary. However, it is better to study a career in hospitality, hold the degree and then get the experience from your daily work. For instance, to obtain a management position at a well-known luxury hotel, it may require a person to have at least six years of experience and a bachelor’s degree. On the other hand, a small motel brand may require a different profile with probably fewer requirements to fill the position.Also, if you study a hospitality career there are also other jobs available in the hotel industry. For example, front desk workers, guest service employees, managers and assistants. In addition, you may be responsible for greeting guests and selling rooms depending on your skills and requirements. 

More Work Options if You Study Hospitality

If you decide to study a hospitality career, restaurants and hotels are not the only options with several positions. In fact, you can find offers in coffee shops, clubs, zoos, museums and parks. In the end, you need to enjoy talking to people and have soft skills for all these jobs.  When you decide to study hospitality, after going to college or university and getting some work experience you will see it is an entertaining and rewarding way to earn a living in Canada.
  • Spa Jobs
Who doesn’t enjoy visiting a spa? This type of business also belongs to the hospitality industry. Therefore, it is another exciting area with lots of opportunities in Canada. From entry-level positions, operations management, general spa management, and technician and supervisors for other employees in the spa.  So, if you study a hospitality career you can also work at a spa everyday. 
  • Travel
After study hospitality career, you will see that the travel and entertainment industry is another great business with many opportunities. Some job titles are:
  • cruise directors
  • managing travel agents
  • Tour and recreation managers 
Overall, tourism and travel industry workers can expect to make between 60.000 and 100.000 annually.
  • Events
Indeed, the events planning field is an excellent area with endless hospitality job opportunities. It can involve weddings, business meetings, company conventions, organizing, tradeshows, workshops or concerts. study hospitality

Hospitality Career Paths

As mentioned before, once you study a hospitality career, you can also find different paths to develop your professional life and build a successful career doing something that you love.So, depending on your interests and background, some of the paths you can take are:
  • Hospitality Services Coordinator – Cruises
  • Guest Experience Manager 
  • Director of HR & Training
  • VIP Lounge Assistant 
  • Guest Services Coordinator 
  • Director of Operations
  • Hotel Event Coordinator
  • Conference and Banqueting Manager 
  • Project Manager
  • Sports Event Executive 
  • Spa Attendant 
  • Wellness Area Manager 
  •  Hospitality Services Director

Where to Study a Hospitality Career in Canada?

So, if this is your final decision, here are some of the best places where you can study a hospitality career in Canada and start building your new successful life in this entertaining world. 
  • Centennial College
  • Conestoga College 
  • Seneca College 
  • Niagara College 
  • New Brunswick Community College 
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic 
  • College of the Rockies 
  • College of the North Atlantic 
At mana immigration, we can help you come and study a hospitality career in Canada. Get ready to live your dreams. Contact us today and start exploring all your options.
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