Super Visa in Canada

Super Visa in Canada
The Super Visa is the perfect option if you want to bring your parents or grandparents to Canada temporarily. It allows staying in the country for up to two years at a time. With the Super Visa, eligible parents and grandparents can visit their family in Canada for up to two years without renewing their status. On the other hand, with the regular Visitor Visa (TRV), or the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), they can only stay in Canada for six months at a time.Moreover, the Super Visa is valid for ten years. Longer than other types of Canadian travel visas. However, there are specific criteria and eligibility requirements to apply. Therefore, not any parent or grandparent of a Canadian qualifies.

Eligibility Criteria for the Super Visa Canada

So, before making plans to invite your family to Canada, check the eligibility criteria of the Super Visa.Firstly, applicants must be the grandparents or parents of Canadian permanent residents or citizens, and they must meet the conditions to be admissible to Canada.Officers need to believe the candidate is a reliable visitor to Canada who will go at the end of the visit. To demonstrate it, an applicant must prove: 
  • Ties to his or her home country
  • Purpose of the visit
  • Family and financial situation
  • Invitations from Canadian hosts.
Remember, dependants of parents and grandparents cant apply for the super visa. However, they can get a regular visitor visa.

How to Help Your Family to Get the Visa

Since the Super Visa in Canada is exclusive for parents and grandparents of permanent residents and citizens, you need to write an invitation letter. It must include your citizenship number or permanent residency.Besides, you need to promise to financially support your parents for their entire stay in Canada in that letter. Also, to qualify, you must prove that your income meets or exceeds the Low-Income Cut-Off (LICO). To do it, you have to list all the people in your home, as the LICO is defined by family size.Furthermore, your parents or grandparents need to have medical insurance from a Canadian company with a minimum coverage of $100,000. Make sure it is for at least one year from arriving, and prove the insurance is paid.Applicants must apply for the Super Visa from outside Canada. They must be admissible to Canada and take an immigration medical exam, among other requirements.Applications to Super Visa can be made online or at your closest visa application centre.

How to Apply for the Super Visa

  1. Have all the documents ready. Here you have a quick checklist: 
  • Letter of invitation. Must be from your child or grandchild as a permanent resident or citizen. 
  • Prove your child or grandchild’s household meets the necessary income.
  • Show your Canadian medical insurance.
  • Take your medical exam.
  1. Get ready to apply.
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