Easy Steps For Canada PR Application

Easy Steps For Canada PR Application
Canada is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants. It offers an excellent life quality, great career opportunities, and a safe environment for your family. So, if you are curious about how to move to Canada, find here the easiest steps for your Canada PR application process. Overall, several immigration programs allow immigrants to do their PR application process. But then, depending on your goals and profile, you decide the pathway that  must fit your needs. 

What Does It Mean to Have Canada PR?

Once you receive your  Permanent Residence, you have a permanent status for five years. Therefore, you receive a multiple-entry visa for that time that allows foreign workers to stay and settle in Canada. Also, you can extend or renew your visa after five years.However, after staying three years in Canada and meeting some criteria, you can also apply for your citizenship. After all, starting with your PR Application process is an exciting experience.

Eligibility Criteria for Canadian Immigration

So, if you want to start with your immigration process, you must check these requirements to qualify for Canadian permanent residence.

Application Process for Canada PR

The first step to qualify under the Express Entry system is to score at least 67 points out of 100.Then, when starting your Canada PR application, you will be assessed on the following criteria:Qualify for Canada Express Entry | 67 points on 6 factors 
Eligibility Factors  Max Points
Language skills – in English & French 28
Education 25
Work experience 15
Age 12 
Arranged employment (job offer in Canada)10
Adaptability 10
Total Points Available100
 Moreover, it is vital to understand the following criteria about this facts:
  •   Age
Overall, there is no specified age limit. However, some programs may prefer younger candidates by giving them more points.
  •  English Language Proficiency
The candidate must take a language exam in English or French to demonstrate they can adapt and work in Canada. Depending on the program, a candidate must meet a minimum score to apply for permanent residency. Remember that a band score of CLB 9 or above strengthens your Canada PR application, improving your chances of receiving an ITA. 
  •  Education
Depending on the program, a candidate may have a different education level. But, again, applicants with a higher educational level will get more points to boost their Canada PR Application.
  •  Work Experience
We suggest candidates to have at least one year of work experience. It has to be full-time and at least 30 hours per week. Also, remember that  more experience means more chances of approval.
  • Adaptability
You can claim points if they have a brother or sister living in Canada or if their spouse also has facts that can improve their profile.

Calculate Your Points – Canada PR Application

There are four major sections to get points. Overall, a candidate’s maximum score is 1,200 points. So, your profile will be assessed based on : 
  • Core or Human Capital Factors
In this section, your capital factors are age, education, work experience in Canada, and language proficiency (English or French)
FactorWith Spouse/ common-law partnerWithout Spouse/ common-law partner 1
Education level150140
Official Languages proficiency 160150
Canadian working experience 8070
Spouse – Level of education10
Spouse – Official language proficiency20
Spouse Required Score (General)10
Total540 460
  • Spouse or Common-Law Partner Factors for your Canada PR Application
This section includes the same factors but for your spouse or common-law partner (if applicable)
FactorWith Spouse/ common-law partnerWithout Spouse/ common-law partner 1
Education level150140
Official Languages proficiency 160150
Canadian working experience 8070
Spouse – Level of education10
Spouse – Official language proficiency20
Spouse Required Score (General)10
Total540 460
  •  Skills Transferability
Furthermore, the skills transferability factors are also based on education, foreign work experience, and having a certificate of qualification for trade occupations.
FactorMax. Points
Education and Language AbilityCLB 7 – CLB 9OREducation and CanadianWork Experience50
Work ExperienceLanguage Ability and Foreign work experience – Non Canadian Work Experience ORCanadian work experience and foreign work experience. ORCertificate of Qualification in a Trade profession and Language Ability50
  • Additional Points
It is an excellent section. In addition, it can give candidates additional 600 points if the person receives a Provincial Nomination, which helps candidates with their Canada PR application.Other valid factors to claim points are a valid job offer or a post-secondary education in Canada. 
FactorMax. Canada PR Points per factor 
Brother or sister in Canada who is a citizen or a permanent resident 15
Post-secondary education in Canada. Credential of one or two years15
Post-secondary education in Canada – credential of three years or longer30
Arranged employment – NOC 00200
Arranged employment – any other NOC 0, A or B50
Provincial Nomination600
Maximum points to be claimed600
Canada PR Application

FAQ’s About Canada PR Application

What is the Process for the Canada PR Application?

If you want to apply under the Express Entry system, there are six basic steps that candidates need to complete.
  • Step 1: Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
If you have foreign education, you need to get an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) to prove it is aligned with the Canadian level.
  • Step 2: Take Your Language Exam
The candidate needs a language exam report to prove his skills in English or French (or both). 
  • Step 3:   Express Entry Application
After you have all the documents, you can create an Express Entry profile and wait in the “pool” for your Invitation to Apply. Here is when you need to claim as many points as you can and boost your profile for your Canada PR Application.
  • Step 4: CRS Score
In this step, candidates receive their final score. There are Draw of invitations every two weeks, and then if you meet or exceed the required score, you will receive your Invitation to Apply.
  •  Step 5: Invitation To Apply (ITA)
You will receive an Invitation To Apply (ITA) if you are above the rank of that Draw. After that, you have 60 days to apply for your PR.  
  •  Step 6: Final PR Application
Send your final PR application with the required documents as soon as possible. The authorities aim to process the Canada PR application within six months. 

What is the Processing Time for the PR?

It takes between 6 to 8 months after receiving the ITA (Invitation to Apply) for the Canada permanent residence (PR) Visa to be processed.

What are the Express Entry Fees?

IRCC announced that its immigration fees for all permanent residence applications increased from April 30. Read this article to have the updated costs.
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