Can Caregivers in Canada Get a PR status?

Can Caregivers in Canada Get a PR status?
Caregivers in Canada can get permanent resident status by meeting the criteria of one of their following immigration programs. The Home Child Care Provider Pilot or the Home Support Worker Pilot. Both programs focus on people with the required Canadian work experience that are suitable to get their permanent residency.

How Can I Work as a Caregiver?

To work as a Caregiver in Canada, you need to meet some specific criteria. IRCC will require your language test results and one year of Canadian post-secondary education or a foreign equivalent.The qualifications may vary from state to state. Although formal education is not required,  they may ask you to have specific training hours.

What Are The Duties of Caregivers in Canada?

It mostly depends on which type of caregiver you will work with. Undoubtedly you will care for the elderly or children, and support them with daily needs. However, you do not need to perform medical care. You mostly have a personal touch. Caregivers in Canada develop close ties with their cares and help them with daily tasks. That is, shopping, cooking meals or watching them during a specific time. Depending on the circumstances, seniors or kids may need a different type of caregiver.

Benefits of  Working as a Caregiver

One of the main benefits is that your family can also get permanent residency. They can come with you to live, study or work in Canada.Indeed, your family can get a first-class education, obtain a work permit, and settle in one of the most developed countries.

How Can Caregivers in Canada Become Permanent Residents?

To be eligible through the Caregiver Program, you must have a valid work permit with a Canadian employer. Besides, you need to have completed two years of authorized full-time experience as a caregiver in Canada.This program gives an occupation-specific work permit. So caregivers can change employers if needed. In fact, if you are a caregiver in Canada and meet the criteria to get your PR, this is one of the most exciting programs to immigrate and work in Canada. 

How Can We Help You?

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