Living in Atlantic Canada

Living in Atlantic Canada
The Atlantic Immigration Program allows newcomers to live and work in the provinces of Atlantic Canada. Those provinces are New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.The Government of Canada created this fast immigration program to allow these provinces to hire foreigners for jobs they haven’t filled. Then, the program focuses on serving local needs with foreigner skilled workers.The reality is that The Atlantic provinces need more and more younger workers to create value for their economy. Besides, boosting revenues and provide for the cost of taking care of the elderly. Since there’s a connection between population growth and economic growth, these four provinces will probably create more immigrant-friendly policies in the following years. 

Background of the Program

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot was created to attract additional newcomers to the Atlantic Canada region. Also, it helps to meet the goals and needs of local employers and communities.The pilot program allows local employers to identify, hire and retain global talent. It helps to support population growth, develop a skilled workforce, and increase employment rates in the region.So, the program focuses on the following five priority areas:
  • Immigration and skilled workforce
  • clean growth and climate change
  • innovation
  • trade and investment
  • infrastructure

Benefits of the Atlantic Immigration Program 

The AIP is an excellent approach to address the region’s labour challenges. Meanwhile, it helps population growth and increases the employment rates in those areas. Once you arrive, you have a valid job offer and a settlement plan. It helps you and your family members to integrate and adapt to your new life quickly. Likewise, this region is known for being less expensive and calmer than other Canadian cities.The program supports skilled workers and innovative mindset individuals who want to settle, invest and live in Atlantic Canada. Furthermore, these Atlantic regions offer salty ocean breezes, friendly people, security and beautiful nature.

Immigrate and Live in Atlantic Canada

To qualify for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, you must be a recent graduate of an institute in the region or a skilled worker who meets the program requirements. You must also provide the following documents:
  • Language test
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Finance stability

Get Ready to Apply

To participate in the program, candidates need to meet the eligibility criteria. They must prove to have the required work experience, education, language skills, and funds. But, before applying, they must have a valid job offer from a designated employer in any of the four provinces.

And, How to Find a Job Offer in Atlantic Canada?

Here we have good news! At Mana Immigration, we created Mana Jobs. Our exclusive recruitment platform caters to employers and workers to make the hiring process easier, faster and more accurate. This network platform includes skilled labour for jobs with NOC A, B, C and 0.To sum up, the Atlantic Immigration Program is one of the best options to immigrate with all your family. It grants you a job offer and the option to live in one of the most beautiful places in Canada. Take the chance to immigrate under the AIP and apply for your permanent residency to start a new life.And after you receive your job offer, you have a copy of the employer’s Confirmation of Designation.

How Can We Help?

Mana Immigration has taken years to carefully select a team of immigration experts who work tirelessly to help our clients reach their goals. Our core values of respect, integrity, law abidance and professionalism, are at the center of every interaction and action we take.As a result, we can offer a truly unique and tailored experience for each of our hopeful candidates. In fact, no matter what your needs may be, whether you have a simple question or major concern, we will be there to guide you and your family every step of the way. Contact us to get a free assessment.
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