How to move to Canada from Saudi Arabia

How to move to Canada from Saudi Arabia
Canada continues to grow in population, and that is thanks to its immersive and inclusive immigration policies. It’s also an attractive place to live for many coming from Saudi Arabia because of the economic opportunities offered. Statistics Canada reported that Canada is the seventh fastest-growing country in the G20. In addition, it was also stated that nearly four-fifths of the 1.8 million population increase from 2016 to 2021 was attributable to new arrivals in Canada, whether as permanent or temporary immigrants. The majority of Saudi Arabian immigrants to Canada (estimated to be about 67%) reside in Ontario. Around 12% of the community lives in Quebec and 8% in Alberta. Saudi Arabia is one of the leading countries that offer thousands of immigrants in the form of international students and temporary skilled workers to Canada. Saudi Arabians are well suited for Canada’s immigration programs as they have proficient English, high education levels, and good work experience. 

What does Canada offer to Saudi Arabia newcomers?

Though Saudi Arabians have a high standard of living, most come to immigrate to Canada to enjoy universal health care, employment prospects, business opportunities for entrepreneurs, high-quality education, freedom of religion, and democracy. Some of the most appealing economic sectors that Saudi Arabians go after are information and communication technology (ICT), the health profession, and science and engineering-related fields. On top of these widely received sectors, Canada also offers a safe and politically stable country for Saudi Arabians. As always, the most appealing benefits that Canada offers newcomers (like those from Saudi Arabia) are its highly developed healthcare system and an internationally recognized education system. 

Best Pathways to Immigrate to Canada from Saudi Arabia

But there are two main focal points for Saudi Arabia newcomers. The first focal point is the many professionals who come to Canada from Saudi Arabia who are skilled workers looking for work. The second focal point is that Saudi Arabian students find Canada a desirable place to study. According to the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau, over 16,000 medical and non-medical students in Canada were from Saudi Arabia in 2014. Saudi Arabia is one of the leading countries that offer thousands of immigrants to Canada in the form of international students and skilled workers. 

Express Entry Program (EE)

The most popular pathway for skilled workers is the Express Entry Program. This allows skilled workers from Saudi Arabia to move to Canada. In addition, this is one of the best programs because it grants permanent residency. 
  • When you receive permanent residency, you will be able to live and work in Canada for as long as you like. In addition, you will also be able to leave and re-enter the country without needing to obtain visas. 
  • The one thing to consider as someone coming to Canada from Saudi Arabia using EE is that it is very competitive. Each candidate is ranked using a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The higher the score, the better your chance of being invited for permanent residency. 

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

The other option for Saudi Arabian skilled workers who want to immigrate to Canada is to use the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP). This pathway is perfect for those workers who do not have a high enough CRS score. 
  • Most Canadian provinces have specific nomination programs for picking skilled workers to help fill their labour needs. Some places that offer it include British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta and New Brunswick. 
  • Think of this pathway as the province reaching out to you and telling the national immigration authority that it needs your skills. This pathway is best for Saudi Arabia’s skilled workers who have low CRS scores because if a province nominates you, your CRS is boosted by 600 points. This automatically turns you into a very strong candidate in the EE pool. 

Owner Operator Work Permit (OOWP)

Similar to skilled workers, this pathway for Saudi Arabians focuses more on business ventures. The Owner-Operator Work Permit (OOWP) is best for Saudi Arabia businessmen who invest in Canada to start a business. This pathway aims to attract Saudi Arabian people who want to invest in Canada. 
  • This pathway is a very easy process as well. You must own a majority of a business and be able to control and operate it. The business that’s operated must be beneficial to Canadians while providing employment  And you must have skills and experience that will help with the operations of the business. 
  • In addition, you also get a bonus of 200 CRS points if you work in a senior management position in a business. This means your OOWP permit could help with your EE application. This together helps you secure permanent residence under the skilled worker category.

Study Permit and Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)

Another popular pathway to immigrate to Canada from Saudi Arabia is the student permit. This is a pathway that gives international students a visa, allowing them to study in a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada. 
  • Unlike the pathways for skilled foreign workers, the study permit is not as competitive. If you have minimum secondary education and can pay for your tuition fees, the chances of receiving an acceptance letter are high. 
  • This pathway allows people from Saudi Arabia to gain a Canadian education, which is a prized asset when applying for permanent residency. 
  • This helps with working in Canada without having to go through EE or PNP. Instead, after completing your studies, you can apply for a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). This permit then allows you to work in the country. 
  • Finally, the end goal of this pathway is the benefit of quickly applying for permanent residency. This pathway sets you up to gain a Canadian education and work experience, and be physically in Canada when applying. All this equals a faster route to permanent residency.

Why do people from Saudi Arabia choose to become Canadian permanent residents? 

With all the pathways mentioned, one common theme runs across them. That is the opportunity to gain permanent residency in Canada. The main driving factor usually relates to the family benefits one would receive. This would include:
  • Free education for kids up to grade 12
  • Accessible healthcare for the entire family
  • The right to sponsor parents or grandparents after you have settled. 
In addition, permanent residency for Saudi Arabians would grant them no restrictions on employment. In Canada, you can enjoy permanent residency even without a job. This allows you to switch between jobs and change companies as you desire. And finally, the transition from permanent residency to citizenship is always an option after 3 years. Also, children born in Canada under the permanent residency phase are given the status of natural citizenship. 

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