Top 5 Autumn Activities to participate in as a Newcomer to Canada

Top 5 Autumn Activities to participate in as a Newcomer to Canada
If this is your first time in Canada, you might wonder why the weather seems to be dropping. Or curious to see the leaves changing colour and falling to the ground. This is because Canada has entered one of its four seasons; Autumn. Scientifically, the first day of Autumn in Canada (Northern Hemisphere) was September 22. The change in temperature is because – astronomically speaking – the Earth’s equator is aligned directly with the sun on the autumnal equinox. This means that days become shorter and nights become longer. This is due to the sun continuing to rise later, and nightfall arriving earlier. However, this doesn’t mean that Canadians go into hibernation until summer comes again. Instead, we participate in our favourite Autumn activities that can only be found in Canada. If this is your first Autumn in Canada, here is a list of the top 5 activities to part-take in to embrace the changing season. 
  1. Polar Bears Sightseeing in Churchill, Manitoba.

During the autumn months of September, October and November, people in Canada can visit Churchill, Manitoba to see a glimpse of polar bears, as they relocate from the inland to the shores of Hudson Bay. 

This massive migration sees approximately 1,200 bears and other wildlife transcend the area. You might even catch a glimpse of arctic foxes if you’re lucky. They are frequently called “Lords of the Arctic.” They are known to be huge in size as some male polar bears can grow to more than 1,320 lbs and stand 10 feet tall. With a highly acute sense of smell, they are also skilled hunters. They can pick up a scent from over 30 kilometres away. They can also detect the presence of seals under three feet of snow and ice. This is best to see in autumn because the bears exit the area to hunt seals as soon as the cold winter days appear. 
  1. Laurentian Mountains, Quebec. 

If you are currently in Quebec or planning to immigrate there, then Laurentian Mountains are the best place to view the changing colours of autumn leaves. It’s on this list as one of the destinations to visit to see the pretty trees. The red oaks near Mont Tremblant are a beautiful colour every autumn, making the lush valleys look ablaze (in a good way). Mont Tremblant is also an excellent place to visit as it offers resort stays and hiking trails. The Laurentian Mountains cover 22,000 square miles of territory. Its many peaks and lakes are a majestic presence in Mont-Tremblant that displays breathtaking landscapes. This vast and welcoming region is a popular tourist destination offering a long list of activities all autumn. If you liked your first trip this season, make sure to revisit as there is more to do for the other three seasons.
  1. Salmon Run, British Columbia (or Ontario).

Late September and the month of October are the best time to see hundreds of thousands of salmon return to rivers and streams throughout Western Canada. There is no better sight than seeing a fish swim upstream and jump right out of the water. Harrison Lake, British Columbia is the most popular destination to witness this natural migrationIt is said that sockeye salmon cross hundreds of miles from the ocean upstream to die in the ultimate sacrifice. Many don’t survive the gruelling journey, yet they can’t resist this call of nature.The Harrison is the single largest salmon-producing tributary of the Fraser River system. All five species of salmon enter the Harrison to spawn and die. They also move up the river to their natal streams to propagate and fulfill their life cycle.Another place to witness this spectacle during autumn is Collingwood, Ontario or the Humber River in Toronto, Ontario.
  1. Hot Springs and the Rockies, Alberta 

The small town of Banff in Alberta is a great place to visit in autumn. The weather doesn’t drop too cold there during this time either. In addition, visiting Banff during this season is remarkably breathtaking. It’s surrounded by pristine blue lakes and green forests with the Rockies in the backdrop. Enjoy a nice hike at Banff National Park or visit Jasper National Park at night to check out the sky for the most transparent view of the stars. On top of it, what better feeling than soaking in a hot tub on a cold, autumn day? Why not experience the sensation at a natural hot spring? The Banff Upper Hot Springs is another autumn activity open year-round and has an outdoor pool. It is Canada’s highest-elevation operational hot spring. Located 1,500 metres above sea level, this is the perfect place to soak in some views.The hot spring was created by carving a pool into the mountainside without having to worry about slipping on the rocks or getting scratched. 
  1. Fall Train Ride, Ontario

If it hasn’t been clear yet, a popular activity that people part-take in here in Canada is seeing the autumn foliage from the trees. As easy as it is to do from your backyard, it is more fun and breathtaking to see it in other grander ways. One of those ways is by taking a ride on the fall train in Sault Saint Marie and travelling all the way to Agawa Canyon. This trip runs from September to November and has some of the most stunning picturesque moments of autumn. The train travels along the lake, through tunnels built by hand, and passes by cliffs with steep drop-offs into the water. This big attraction last four hours as it goes through the wilderness in a beautiful part of Northern Ontario. It features postcard-like scenery through the big train windows every few minutes.

Autumn in Canada delivers one of the best foliage feasts in the world. 

With every event listed, it gives you the opportunity to experience the bountiful autumn landscape throughout the provinces of Canada. Part-take in the festivities that come with the season, such as enjoying freshly picked apples or eating pumpkin-flavoured everything. Whatever you decide to do this autumn in Canada, you are guaranteed not to be disappointed. Make sure to follow mana immigration on social media for all your Canada content.
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