New Changes for the Express Entry System

New Changes for the Express Entry System
Canada plans to meet their immigration goals for the next couple of years. In addition, some measures have opened up more options to allow newcomers to stay and meet post-pandemic labour needs. Therefore, it has created different pathways for foreigners to become permanent residents. In that order, some changes are coming to the Express Entry system this summer.The latest update in immigration states that the Express Entry draw will re-start again in July 2022. However, the Canadian Government is planning some changes for new invitations to invite candidates based on their occupations. According to CIC News, Aiden Strickland, a spokesperson for the minister, ´Those changes will improve Canada’s ability to select applicants that match its economic needs.´ Then, besides current eligibility requirements, the new changes to the express entry system will target newcomers based on their work experience, healthcare qualifications, language skills or other criteria based on an economic goal to attend Canada´s labour shortages. 

What Are The New Changes?

As we mentioned before, the Government will establish new changes to the Express Entry system based on work experience, education background or language skills. Therefore, if the aim is to support the tech sector, it would be a special category for tech industry candidates.So far, there are no specific details, occupations or eligibility criteria for the changes on the express entry system. However, the IRCC website will publish it soon. According to CIC news, Philip Somogyvari, Director General, Strategic Policy and Planning at IRCC, “The changes themselves would permit, for example, the minister to focus on all French-speaking candidates within the Express Entry pool,” Somogyvari said. “Currently, while French-speaking candidates are provided with bonus points which will increase their ranking score, it may not invite all French-speaking candidates within the pool. Theoretically, with the proposed authorities in use, if the minister chose to do so, the department would be able to conduct an invitation round that would virtually invite all of the identified French-speaking candidates within the Express Entry pool.”Meanwhile, the occupation groups are not defined. The Government would make the decisions after talking with stakeholders, employers and provincial and territorial authorities.

Overview of the Express Entry in 2022

After reviewing the new changes to the express entry system, let´s explore it in 2022.As you know, it is one of the most popular pathways for newcomers to gain Canadian PR. It manages applications through 3 different programs  To qualify under one of these programs, foreigners must create a profile in the Express Entry pool. After that, eligible candidates will obtain a score based on their factors. Such as work experience, level of education, language test results, age, and other factors. After that, candidates with higher scores will receive an ITA for their Permanent Residence.Before announcing these new changes for the Express Entry system, in 2022, IRCC has only sent invitations to candidates who hold a Provincial Nomination. To sum up, invitations for the FSWP have been paused since December 2020, and CEC draws since September 2021. Nonetheless, Sean Fraser, immigration minister, just announced that invitations for these programs would resume in July. 

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