Marc Miller: Canada will not decrease immigration levels

Marc Miller: Canada will not decrease immigration levels

Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Marc Miller, has indicated that the nation will maintain its annual immigration targets of approximately 500,000 permanent residents. This decision is in response to the dwindling number of individuals of working age in comparison to the retired population. Unlike certain countries with differing opinions on immigration, Canada has garnered public support for welcoming new working-age individuals. Miller’s statements imply that the government is relying on this support to increase the country’s population and avert prolonged economic decline.

Nonetheless, the previous year’s record influx of one million newcomers has strained major urban areas and worsened housing shortages. Despite this, Miller asserts that immigrants are not the primary drivers of the housing crisis. He emphasizes that skilled labor is crucial for furnishing Canadians with dental care, healthcare, and affordable housing.

Immigration and Housing

As per Miller’s viewpoint, immigration is not the root cause behind Canada’s housing supply difficulties nationwide. Consequently, Miller disagrees with the common assertion that immigrants are responsible for displacing homes from Canadian residents and contributing to the rise in housing costs. According to Miller, “Certainly, the doubling or tripling of home equity values or the cost for someone … to buy [a home] has increased … has very little to do with immigration”.

In a bid to provide reassurance to both the Canadian population and prospective immigrants, Miller restated his dedication to upholding principles of equity and empathy in his role as Canada’s new Immigration Minister.

The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) is fully aware that the immigration system in Canada is not without its imperfections. This sentiment holds especially true when it comes to the recognition of foreign credentials within the country. Marc Miller indeed acknowledges that it’s unjust when incoming immigrants are occasionally required to compromise the diligence and expertise they’ve acquired in their respective professions from their home countries.

Canada Immigration Levels

In addition, Miller emphasizes the significance of the federal government of Canada collaborating with the country’s provinces and territories in constructive dialogues concerning the effective oversight of professions within the nation. Miller adds, “I’m here to be part of a government that is open fair and compassionate about our immigration system. This is the future of the country, the future face of the country, and [I’m] happy to be a part of it”.

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