Get a Start-Up Visa in Canada

Get a Start-Up Visa in Canada
If you are in starting a business in Canada, the Start-Up Canada program can be your best option.

What is the Start-Up Visa Program?

The Government of Canada started the Startup Visa Program, also known as SUV, to attract entrepreneurs worldwide and provide them with the budget and the support required to succeed in their businesses. In return, Canada rises on these businesses to grow, expand, boost the economy, and create more employment for Canadians.One of the advantages of the start Up program in Canada is the processing times. The Start-Up Canada program aims to approve candidates within weeks after their applications. Moreover, the Start-Up Canada visa provides permanent resident status to the principal applicant and close family members. After that, they can also qualify for their Citizenship.

Step-by-Step to Apply Under the Start-Up Visa Program in Canada

Here are the four general steps to qualify under Canada’s Start-Up Visa program. 

1: Get a Designated Investor to Support Your Business

This is one of the essential steps under the SUV program. Then, you must get a letter that confirms a designated investor supports your business and will fund your entrepreneur idea.

2: Fulfill the Language Needs

Under the Canada Start-Up Visa program, you need to prove you can communicate in English or French. Even though it is not a high level, you must provide a language test result to prove you meet the minimum level of the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 in all the skills.

3: Demonstrate Your Business Meets Ownership Requirements

The Start-up visa in Canada accepts a single business to have a maximum of five owners. However, each applicant must have at least 10% of the franchise rights in the company. In addition, the designated investment organization and the applicant (s) must all own more than 50% of the total voting rights bound to all shares of the corporation.

4: Prove to Have Enough Funds to Stay in Canada

The Start-Up Visa Canada program requires applicants to prove they have enough funds to support themselves and their families in Canada. To do it, here is a table to help you know which are the required funds. It depends on your family members and it also can change every year.  
Number of family membersFunds Required (CAD)
7 $34.967
For each additional member   $3.560
 Those are the minimum required funds; however, we strongly recommend you bring as much as possible when you move to Canada. 

How to Get Supported by a Designated Investment Organization?

To qualify under the Start-Up Visa in Canada, one of the first things you need to do is find an investor to support your Start-up idea. It can be:
  • Angel Investor Group
  • Business Incubator
  • Venture Capital Fund
In the end, one of these organizations must be willing to invest in your new business. It is essential to know that the Government designates all these organizations in the Canada Start-Up Visa program. Therefore, to start looking for your best option, you must review each group’s application and processes to present your business idea. Each organization or fund may have its objectives and decide specific industries to invest in. Then, after you go through the process and find support for your business, they must send you a confirmation letter and a certificate with the commitment. If you receive support from more than one organization, you can provide a joint Commitment Certificate to IRCC.After receiving the letter from your investor, you can now apply for the Canada Startup Visa.

Education Requirement for the Start-Up Visa Canada 

You need to have at least one year of study at a postsecondary institution. To apply, you need to provide your transcripts, degrees, or credentials to demonstrate that you meet this requirement.

Application Costs For the Start-Up Visa Canada 

Again, the application cots will depend on your family members. 
Application FeeRequired Funds
Main Applicant 1,540 CAD
Spouse 1,040 CAD
Dependent Child 150 CAD

Application Process Under The Start-Up Program

Draft your Business Plan

Firstly, you need a detailed CV for initial qualification and provide a business plan with all the information about your start-up idea. Don’t worry if you don’t have it ready. At mana immigration, we can do it for you. 

Letter of Support 

You must have finished your business plan and have it ready to send to a designated organization for this step. This organization can either be an angel investor group, a business incubator, or a designated venture capital fund.At the end of this Phase, at least one designated entity must have approved your business plan and submitted a support letter to you and a Commitment Certificate to IRCC.

Permanent Resident Application under the Start-Up Canada program

At the final step of the Start-Up Visa Canada program, you need to apply for your Permanent Residency. At this moment, you should have the investment confirmation letter and other required documents. Then, IRCC will review and accepts or decline your application. 

Required Documents For The Start-Up Program in Canada

          • CV of the candidate
          • Business Proposal
          • Passport or Legal Travel Document
          • Birth Certificate
          • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
          • Police Clearance Record from your country of residence
          • Proof of Funds
          • Bank Letter
          • Language Test Results
          • Medical Examination 
          • Letter of Support 
All your documents must be in English or French and apostilled from the corresponding country. Sometimes, the immigration officer may request additional records if they need further information.

Benefits of the Canada Start-Up Visa

  • With your application, all your family will also obtain Canadian Permanent Residency. It includes your spouse and dependent children (the age of 22)
  • You and your family will have universal healthcare and public education for free. 
  • Under this program, you can where do you want to live.
  • It is one popular program since candidates and families arrive with PR faster.
  • Apply for Citizenship.
  • PR also comes with a work permit.
  • There is no age limit to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Start-Up Program in Canada 

What if the Business Fails?

It is always a risk. However, under the Start-Up visa program in Canada, you can always keep your permanent residence even if your business fails.

Do I need to travel to Canada during the SUV process?

No, you don’t need to travel to or live in Canada during the program. However, you may be required to stay in the country to meet the business conditions once you are approved. Also, principal applicants must demonstrate they want to immigrate to Canada.

Must I Provide a Source of Funds for the settlement funds?

No. You don’t need to prove a source of funds. You only must show that you have enough funds to meet the criteria.

How Difficult is the Language Test?

Also, one of the advantages of the Start-Up Canada visa is that the language requirement is not very high. Overall, you must be comfortable working and communicating in English or French. There are several locations worldwide to take the test. 

Are There Any Other Business Programs in Canada?

Yes, there are several business programs. It will depend on your profile and area of business. Contact us to get a free assessment, and one of our experts will help you explore all your options. 
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