Find Your Dream Job in Canada

Find Your Dream Job in Canada

People wonder if Canada needs individuals to reinforce the workforce. The answer is yes. This country fully supports immigrants and skilled workers to move and find their dream job in Canada.  Moreover, there are always opportunities to welcome qualified foreign candidates. 

Canada supports hardworking and committed people. The Government and IRCC (Immigrants, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) facilitate the arrival of immigrants by creating different types of work permits for each need.

Consequently,  many immigrants achieve their goal to find a job in Canada. Thousands of Canadian work visas are issued every month, allowing foreigners to start working as soon as they arrive in the country.

However, when it comes to working at a skilled job in Canada, some professions may need accreditation. If you are a healthcare worker, an architect, plumber, or engineer, you should check if you need it.

After all, finding a job in Canada can be an easy task. But, you need to have all the documents and qualifications to get your work permit. 

How To Get Your Dream Job in Canada?

Firstly, you must apply for a specific work permit regarding the type of job you plan to do. For instance, it could be an open work permit, an LMIA work permit, a Post Graduation Work Permit, or a special work permit for a specific program, such as a caregiver, a business person, or an agricultural worker.

To clarify, there are over a hundred work permits to find a job in Canada. So, the best advice is to know all the options and criteria to select the one that best fits your situation. Take into account that you need to know if you will ask for an employer-specific work permit or for an Open work permit.

Difference Between an Open Work Permit and a Closed Work Permit

An employer-specific work permit is the one that will let you work for one employer in Canada. To apply, you need to know the specific name, the length of the job, and the location. In this case, your employer needs to complete certain steps before applying. 

An open work permit allows foreigners to work for any employer in Canada. You can change your job and employer if you need it.  In most cases, IRCC may require you to give biometrics, but you may need different forms and documents depending on where you are applying. 

Get Ready to Find Your Dream Job in Canada

Canada is an open country for newcomers and qualified individuals who will strengthen the economy. And so, there are many reasons why international workers immigrate to find a job in Canada. Some of them are:

As a worker in Canada, you will have access to free healthcare services. It is efficient and accessible for yourself and all your family members coming under your work permit. 

Also, if you decide to start a family while working legally in Canada, you will enjoy up to 18 months of paid leave sponsored by the Canadian Government. 

Furthermore, you will have access to a multicultural business environment to discover the Canadian culture and other cultures. Lots of multinational companies from all fields are located here, which means you can start thinking about finding your dream job. 



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