IRCC Update on Immigration Inventories and Backlogs

IRCC Update on Immigration Inventories and Backlogs

On July 25, 2023, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) released new data regarding immigration inventories and backlogs. The latest update indicates a total of 2,264,000 applications encompassing permanent residence, temporary residence, and citizenship approvals within all IRCC inventories. According to the report, 35.3% of these applications in the inventory surpass the established service standards. IRCC’s target is to process 80% of applications within their service standard, although certain complex cases may necessitate a thorough assessment. Presently, 32% of temporary residence requests, which include applications for visiting, studying, or working abroad, and 47% of permanent residency applications are categorized as backlogged. Conversely, 76% of citizenship applications are exceeding the specified service standards.

IRCC’s Transformative Initiatives

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has taken several crucial steps to address various applications and immigration processes, with a primary focus on facilitating essential workers, international students, and families. One of the most significant initiatives was the prioritization of applications from workers in essential occupations within healthcare, agriculture, and transportation sectors. This move aimed to ensure that the labour required to safeguard the health of Canadians and maintain an efficient food supply was readily available.

Another noteworthy action was the extension of work permits for applicants under the temporary resident to permanent resident pathway, as well as those with expiring post-graduation work permits. By granting these extensions, the IRCC provided more stability and security to individuals pursuing a permanent residence in Canada. Furthermore, the expansion of the Student Direct Stream to include seven additional countries showcases IRCC’s commitment to accommodating international students efficiently. This allowed for faster processing of study permit applications, enabling students to embark on their academic journey in Canada without unnecessary delays.

Moreover, IRCC’s efforts to reduce the backlog of Express Entry applications are commendable. By streamlining the processing time to approximately six months, new applicants can receive timely invitations to apply for permanent residency. In addition to these measures, the introduction of online platforms, such as the online citizenship test and virtual citizenship ceremonies, has improved accessibility and convenience for applicants. The online application processes and the citizenship application tracker have simplified the citizenship application journey for many individuals.

Overall, these initiatives highlight IRCC’s commitment to making the immigration and citizenship process more efficient, inclusive, and accommodating for various categories of applicants, ensuring that Canada continues to be a welcoming and diverse nation for newcomers.

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