Last updated May 12, 2021

About Homa Group

Since 1983

Homa Group is a full-service immigration and business solution provider with over 30 years of experience helping thousands of people move to Canada to establish a business or study.

Since its creation in 1983, the company has expanded its services through six different companies:

Mana Travel: A full-service, award-winning travel agency

Mana Immigration: Canadian immigration firm.

Homa Trading: Canada-based shipping company.

Solutsy: Entrepreneurs business setup package.

Oxford Academy: Online comprehensive education provider.

Mana Jobs: Recruitment platform for employers and candidates.

Homa Group is a leading immigration firm recognized for making Canada visa applications easier and providing high-quality services for entrepreneurs, investors and students interested in Canada. Currently, we have our own offices in The Middle  East, India and Canada, demonstrating our knowledge in advising foreigners to find their best way to succeed.

Iman Moayedi, CEO and founder of Homa Group, is an entrepreneur, educationist and successful mentor that has become an icon for helping more than 100.000 clients with all their needs to immigrate to Canada.

Over the years, Iman Moayedi has been recognized with awards that certified his work and how he has transformed people’s lives. One of the most important was an SME Recognition COO Award for leading the fastest growing medium-sized company in 2015.

Homa Group aims to continue strengthening its presence in Canada and being recognized for its quality immigration, business, and educational services with a high reputation in the market.


Homa Group has all the required solutions an immigrant needs to come to Canada and obtain permanent residence status. Since 1983, it has been a leading immigration firm making visa applications easier and providing people with all the essential services for each process. Mana Travel was the first Homa Group company to help clients live their dream and obtain permanent residence status. Because of its success and Canada becoming a popular destination for business, students, entrepreneurs and investors, the Company extended its services as an immigration firm worldwide with six enterprises in three different countries. Homa Group comprises Mana Travel; a full-service award-winning travel agency; Mana Immigration, an immigration firm; Homa Trading, Canada-based shipping company, Solutsy; entrepreneurs business setup package; Oxford Academy, an online comprehensive education provider and Mana Jobs, a recruitment agency. All the companies at Homa Group are willing to create a working environment dedicated to excellence, equality and competitiveness, committed to providing services to help our clients having a high-quality experience transitioning for their new life in a foreign country. Our vision is to expand the Homa Group name to our main important markets and position our brand as the TOP one-stop immigration and travel-related service provider to help our clients “live their dream.”

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