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旗下最大的公司 Homa Group 是法Mana民辦公室。Mana民辦是一家繁忙的,提供全方位服務的移民公司,在3個國家設有4個辦事處。十多年來法Mana民更已為加拿大與適合他們的需求和狀態服務臨時和永久居留申請人提供.

Mana Immigration迅速成為波斯市場的領導者,並開始以“ Mana Mohajerat”為品牌。 在成為市場主導者10多年後,Mana Immigration已開始滲透到印度,中國,孟加拉國和阿拉伯國家的市場.

多年來,Mana移民被公認為是著名的移民公司,可通過各種商業課程,臨時課程(即學習許可和工作許可)和技術課程幫助人們來加拿大。 這使Mana Immigration處於獨特的位置,可以根據客戶的個人特徵為其客戶提供最佳的移民解決方案.



我們的認證移民顧問專業人士可以幫助您在移民方面取得積極成果. 我們提供來自世界各地的北美移民服務






Intra Company Transferee Program

The ICT program was created to facilitate immigration by starting up a business asset in Canada or expanding your current international business.

The work permit you obtain with this program is LMIA-exempt. Even this program wasn’t created as a pathway for permanent residence; with the ICT Program, you and your family could immigrate permanently after getting a valid work permit. With this program, your spouse is eligible to have a work permit, and your children can have free health, education and more benefits.  

How to apply? 

ICT transferees may apply for work permits according to their circumstances of employment, qualifying relationship and job position. 


  • Employment:

    • You are currently employed or have worked one year in the last three years in a multinational company.

    • You are looking to enter Canada to work in a subsidiary, branch or affiliate of that company.

    • You have been continuously employed for the Company that wants to transfer you to a similar full-time position for at least one year.

  •  Qualifying Relationship

    • The company you are transferring to in Canada has a qualifying relationship with your current work.

    • You will work at that company for at least 18 - 24 months.

  •  Job position:

    • You transfer to work as an executive, senior manager, or specialized knowledge capacity.

    • It’s important to know that even if you don’t have all the previous qualifications, other factors can still be evaluated for this ICT option.


Requirements for companies and applicants for ICT:

  • Company Requirements

  • Physical Location: The company must secure the physical location of the Canadian operation.

  • Business Plan: The company must prove the actual plan to staff the operation.

  • Financial Ability:

    • The Company must be able to establish itself in Canada

    • Have the financial capability 

    • Compensate employees properly

  • Size 

    • If Transferring managers and seniors must prove, it will be large enough to support their job.

    • If transferring specialized workers, the Company must demonstrate they will work on their business and be guided by the Canadian operation.

  • Foreign Worker Requirements

    • Confirm the person is currently employed for a multinational company outside of Canada and looking to work at a branch or affiliate.

    • Prove the foreign employee has been working for the company in a similar full-time position for at least one year within the last three years

    • Description of the applicant’s role as an executive capacity or specialized knowledge. 

    • Education/Credentials: In the case of “specialized knowledge,” evidence that the person required knowledge.

    • Outline the position in Canada (position, title, place in the organization, job  description)

    • Indicated the duration of stay of at least 18-24 months

    • Description of the relationship between the Canadian enterprise and the enterprise in the foreign country.

Benefits of immigrate by ICT:

  • This program doesn’t require a Labor Market Impact Assessor (LMIA) to establish or launch the Canadian operations of an existing international company.

  • The Intra Company Transferee program provides a one-year temporary work permit in Canada. 

  • With the Intra Company Transferee Program, your spouse is eligible to have a Canadian work permit and your children’s study permit. 

  • After getting a valid work permit, you and your family can apply to get the Permanent Residency.