Prepare for a Job Interview in Canada 

Prepare for a Job Interview in Canada 
If you are looking for a job in Canada, you know there are many steps ahead. One of them is the job interview. We know it may be an intimidating process, but it is an essential part of it.So, if this is your case, keep reading to learn some tips about preparing for a job interview in Canada.Overall, almost every position requires applicants to have an interview. But, most of the time, to “break the ice,” the interviewer can ask you something like, “tell me about yourself and your background.” And, even though it sounds like an easy question, it may be intimidating if you don’t know the answer. However, it is an exciting question for interviewers to know who you are behind your resume. They don’t want to hear you “memorize” your resume because they already have that information. Instead, they want to know who you are as a person, how you may behave, and how you will connect with people in a professional environment.After all, it can be a chance for you to “drive” the interview for a few minutes, catch the interviewer’s attention and share some helpful information you want them to know.Overall, if you want a new job in Canada, you must be ready to go through a job interview. But don’t be nervous about it. Here are some tips to help you prepare for this moment.

Step By Step To Prepare For a Job Interview in Canada

1. Review the Job Description

Reviewing the job description is essential to know what they expect. In addition, it will help you get insights into specific skills and duties you may highlight. If you are looking for a job in Canada and have an interview soon, we suggest you check the following information to be prepared:
  • Duties
  • Experience required
  • Skills needed 
  • Keywords
  • Specific industry language
You can always take notes, as bullet points, to keep in mind all the essential things that make you a suitable candidate. However, if you see some skills you don’t have, try to include similar, transferable ones in your discussion.

2. Tell me About Yourself and Your Professional Background:

For this question, which will probably come at the beginning of the interview, you should be prepared with a few interesting points about your ambitions, goals and background.It is the perfect opportunity to talk about you, who you are behind your resume and mention some previous experiences that you can connect with the available job position in Canada. Remember, it is a professional space, then you should always keep your focus and try to emphasize something interesting to open a lengthy discussion. 

3. Organize Your Portafolio:

It is essential to have some work examples in your portfolio. It will help you show and prove you have the experience for the job position in Canada.For example, in a Portfolio, you can include:
  • Writing samples: Collect some of your writing samples to show your writing abilities. It usually helps if you have at least 2 or 3 examples to share.
  • Design samples: If your job in Canada requires designing skills, it helps to have some good examples to prove the quality of your work. 
  • Project information: If you have worked on many projects, it is also helpful to highlight some specific details about them and your measurable results. 

4. Practice With Mock Interviews

Consider conducting mock interviews before going to the actual interview. There are videos on the internet with mock questions to help you practice and have sample answers.You can also ask someone to practice with you and help you make some improvements. Or even practice in front of a mirror. But the essential tip is to always practice. 

5. Make a List of Questions to Ask at The End

Creating a list of questions for your interviewer is relevant to show you are interested in getting that job and want to know more information about it. For instance, some topics you may ask about are: 
  • Daily operations
  • Workplace culture
  • Next steps of the process

Tips for a Good Job Interview in Canada

According to Indeed, a specialized website to search for work, these are some essential tips you should know during a job interview in Canada.
  • Express that you’re interested in remaining in Canada in the long term.
  • Research visas to work in Canada.
  • Explore the company and your interviewers.
  • Practice responses to common questions. Ensure to mention your skills.
  • Recall measurable results and previous achievements.
  • Connect your earlier experiences with the available requirements and duties.


How Can I Get a Job in Canada?

In mana immigration, we are experts in all types of Canadian visas and permits. Additionally, our sister company, mana jobs, can help you find a job in Canada.As you can see, we make it easier for you to come and live your dreams.

How Can I Prepare for a job interview in Canada?

You should start by structuring your ideas. Include unique details that prove the background and experience you have to commit to this new job position. Again, one of the first things is to review the job offer. In this step, you can check the qualifications and the company you are applying to.

What are The Most Common Jobs in Canada For Foreigners?

If you are a foreigner looking for a job in Canada, it will depend on your skills, professional background and motivations. However, you can also check this article to discover the most in-demand jobs in Canada for 2022. 
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