Opportunities for Immigrants in Ontario Communities

Opportunities for Immigrants in Ontario Communities

Most Canadian immigrants like to live in big cities, and as a result, smaller communities do not get enough immigrants.

To address this, smaller Canadian communities are trying to attract immigrants by providing unique opportunities. By providing golden ideas and opportunities, these communities seek to help newcomers succeed.

  1. Guelf

Jim Estill, CEO of Danby Canada in Guelph, recently donated significant financial support to 50 Syrian families. He has also taken steps to help resettle these families. Denby also offers 90-day training courses aimed at making it easier for immigrants to enter Canada. Besides, the organization provides services for language teaching and skills learning for immigrants.

  1. North Bay

North Bay is another community in Ontario that seeks to attract immigrants by offering good opportunities. New immigrants can benefit from a loan, up to $ 5,000. The loan repayment period is three years, and the interest is 7%. Also, this region can be considered as a destination with many opportunities for immigrants by launching Rural Northern Immigration Pilot.

  1. Ottawa

The Ottawa Health Center provides unique services to new immigrants. The center seeks to improve the living standards of immigrants by providing consulting and guidance services as well as basic medical services.

  1. Peel Region

Peel Region has developed an association for newcomers to help unemployed migrants find work. The association also helps people who are currently working in careers outside of their education and skill to get a job in their field.

  1. Peterborough

In 2016, in Peterborough, a center for training new immigrants was established. The purpose of this center is to teach English and skills to women. The center also offers short-term training opportunities in food management and kitchen safety.

  1. Thunder Bay

The Thunder Bay is also part of Rural Northern Immigration Pilot. In addition, this community introduces immigrants to employers in Northeast region of Ontario. Thunder Bay Multicultural Association seeks to attract immigrants. For this reason, by providing special support and facilities, it helps employers to hire foreign workers.

  1. Windsor

Windsor has developed several online tools to introduce local service providers to immigrants through the WE Value Partnership Program. The region also plans to integrate immigrants and help them succeed in the region and live a better life in Canada.

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