Jobs Canada In-Demand For 2022

Jobs Canada In-Demand For 2022
Jobs in Canada fluctuate in and out depending on the economy. Indeed, the job market worldwide is constantly changing, and many factors affect the economy, such as social trends, industrial changes, and even seasons. After all, some jobs in Canada have enough skilled professionals to fill empty positions. However, some jobs don’t always have enough professionals, and they need more people to fill the gaps. Therefore, understanding which jobs are in demand in 2022 is essential to planning your career path. Then, this article will tell you which jobs in Canada are likely to stay in the market over this year.

Jobs in Demand in Canada for 2022

Our list follows trends from the past two years, including the health care system and the constant demand for trade jobs. Besides, as many Canadians are still working from home, more remote work is available.  jobs in canada for international workers

Electrical Engineer

Average Salary: $72,891 per yearElectrical engineers in Canada find many jobs opportunities. Most of the time, they work at testing electrical systems and equipment. But, they can also specialize in other tasks, such as motors, entertainment, or other electric systems. Nowadays, electrical engineers are in high demand across Canada due to the increasing reliance on automation and computer systems. Overall, electrical engineers deliver essential support to many systems that the public relies on and are vital workers.

Registered Nurse

Average Salary per hour: $38.05Registered nurses help physicians conduct and interpret simple medical tests, communicate with patients and keep their records. In addition, they may create and execute nursing care plans and are keep patients informed about their condition. Indeed, when there is serious public support for the health care system, nurses are essential for testing, vaccinating, and coordinating with the public. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic- registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nurse practitioners have many work options. Overall, health care positions are one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada.

Web Developer

Average Salary: $76,021 per yearWeb developers can work at several organizations, from small, medium-sized businesses to large companies and governments. Generally, a web developer creates new applications and programs for the business. Nowadays, it is categorized as one of the high in-demand jobs across Canada. 

Financial advisor

Average Salary: $59,007 per yearFinancial advisors are accounting professionals that help businesses and individuals to manage their money. They recommend savings and investment strategies to clients, manage their investment portfolios, and create structured methods for their finances. Financial advisors have become in demand as people diversify their incomes and reconsider their finances.

Customer Service Representative

Average Salary: $16.80 per hourCustomer service representatives communicate with customers on the phone or online to handle complaints, help with specific requirements or answer questions. They are essential to maintaining customer satisfaction and liaising with sales departments to take orders or organize deliveries.


Average Salary: $24.59 per hourWelders are professionals who use heat to join different metals to build or repair various products or structures. They are vital to maintaining the structural integrity of metal items such as housing, commercial establishments, automobiles, bridges or ships. With the ongoing lack of tradespeople, welders will remain in high-demand jobs in Canada for 2022.


Average Salary: $53,382 per yearAccountants manage money in and out of a company. Moreover, they also prepare financial reports and tax returns and keep detailed records of a company’s economic activity. There is an ongoing shortage of accountants; this job is now in demand.

Project Manager

National average Salary: $75,420 per yearProject managers organize and oversee the progress and completion of projects in a company. They focus on completing tasks on time, within budget, and within all the specifications. Project managers may work in any industry that oversees the completion of larger-scale projects. Overall, it plays an essential role in the success of many businesses.


Average Salary: $17.35 per hourGeneral labourers are unqualified helpers for hire on construction sites, farms, or other worksites demanding manual labour. They move materials, perform construction tasks, and do essential maintenance on buildings and machines. 

Sales Associate 

Average Salary: $15.08 per hourSales associates are people who assist customers in locating products in a retail environment, and they also help customers complete transactions when they decide to purchase something. In general, sales associates are vital for businesses, and they will continue to be one of the jobs in high demand in Canada.

Administrative Assistant

Salary: $20.49 per hourAn administrative assistant provides administrative support to a business and ensures they perform efficiently. Their duties include answering phone calls, scheduling meetings and sending and receiving correspondence. Administrative assistants can do this role remotely, and it is also a high-demand jobs in Canada.

Truck Driver

Average Salary: $23.42 per hourTruck drivers pilot large vehicles to deliver food and goods over long distances. Indeed, they’re a vital part of logistics operations in supply chains. Moreover, since many customers are ordering online, there is a high demand for jobs in Canada for trucker drivers. 

Human Resources Manager

Average Salary: $72,204 per yearA human resource manager is a crucial member of a company. They, and their team, serve as a fling between employees and management. They use to guide administrative tasks and HR employees and work closely with senior and management teams on their human resource needs.Jobs in Canada LMIA

Jobs in Canada for Foreigners – LMIA Work Permit

An LMIA stands for Labour Market Impact Assessment. A document issued from Employment and Social Development Canada that gives the employer permission to hire temporary workers for jobs in Canada. Therefore, whenever an employer in Canada hires a foreign worker -that is not a Citizen or a Permanent Resident, the employer should first obtain approval from the Ministry of Labour to proceed with the hiring. However, some exemptions may apply.Overall, an LMIA is requested when there is a need for a foreign worker to fill a job position in Canada. Once the approval is obtained through a positive LMIA, the employer may hire and proceed with the work permit application process.   

General Process For an LMIA

Stage 1  Identify the vacancy, job duties and assigned salary.  Stage 2 Do the advertisement process for the job position in Canada. It should be for three months and be published on three different job sites. Stage 3 During the advertisement process, the employer, should shortlist those who meet the language and the occupation-specific requirement and prove that interviewed selected candidates. Overall, a genuine effort to find a suitable candidate is observed.   Stage 4 Then, after no suitable candidate is found, an LMIA request is completed and submitted to the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).  Stage 5 Then, once the ESDC reviews the request and approves it, the employer searches for candidates overseas and offers the job to the foreign worker.  Stage 6 Finally, the work permit application is processed. Finally, once an LMIA is issued, the employer provides a copy of the confirmation letter to each temporary foreign worker and directs them to apply for a Canadian work permit. That way, foreigners can come and get their jobs in Canada.

Work Permit Application: 

 Once an LMIA has been issued, a foreign worker needs the following documents to apply for a Canadian work permit.
  • job offer letter
  • contract
  • copy of the LMIA
  • the LMIA number


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