How Can You Get a Job Offer in Canada?

How Can You Get a Job Offer in Canada?
If you plan to start your immigration journey, you may be wondering how to get a job offer in Canada. Indeed, the work market is one of the most appealing factors when deciding to immigrate. For decades, this country has been recognized as a source of some of the best-paying jobs and opportunities worldwide. So, when you face the challenge of finding a job offer in Canada, one of the hardest parts is knowing where and how to start your search.Remember that as an international worker, your employer may need a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before hiring you. If that’s your case, you should know that LMIAs are issued based on the needs of the Canadian economy.Another aspect to remind is that you don’t have to be in Canada to find a job. You can be either inside or outside the country. So let’s start to check how you can look for your job offer in Canada.


One of the most effective ways to find a job offer in Canada is by using your network of friends or relatives. You can start by asking if they know about an open position in your field or if there are opportunities to work at their companies. Remember that sometimes your first job may not be at the same level you had in your home country. And that’s normal. As an immigrant, sometimes you will need to start from a low position to get Canadian work experience.  

Job Agencies

One of the strategies to get a job offer in Canada is through a job agency. Sometimes, big companies and employers hire headhunters or staffing companies to find talent. In this case, you don’t need to pay for these services. Usually, the employee does it. In Homa Group, we also have mana jobs. A recruitment agency that helps employers recruit international talent to work in Canada. Mana jobs offer options for all types of positions. From managerial occupations to general labour, all across Canada. Then, after the individual receives the job offer, at mana immigration, we support candidates in obtaining their work permit.

Online Platforms

Another common and effective way to find a valid job offer in Canada is through an online platform. Indeed, it is the most common way. Some of the most popular websites to do it are: 
  • Indeed
  • Job Bank Canada
  • LinkedIn


Here you can find several job opportunities for all the positions. But, first, you need to create a profile, update your CV and set up the filters you want to use for your job search. Once you are ready to start, look for some works, apply and wait for the companies to contact you for an interview. It is a reliable site, and most Canadians use it for their job searches.

Job Bank Canada

Job Bank is another online site to look for a job across Canada. It is free for employers and candidates and is a legit list of job opportunities in the country. However, sometimes it doesn’t have many options, but you can always check it to see if you find something interesting. 


It is a social network that helps create a professional network and connect with people you have common interests, and it also has a job offer section. In addition, many employers use LinkedIn to promote their job opportunities. Then, keep your profile updated and set up the alarms to receive all the notifications for positions available in your field.In contrast with Indeed, where you can find jobs for all positions, LinkedIn mainly targets professional opportunities.job offer canada

Documents to Find a Job Offer in Canada

When looking for a job offer in Canada, as an international candidate, you should have:
  • Resume or CV: You may have one from your home country, but you need to adapt it to the Canadian style. For example, it is preferred if it has 1-2 pages—no more than that. Also, you don’t need to add a picture or your age. So, be careful and check how you have to do it before applying for a job. 
  • Cover Letter to support your application: You may not be familiar with this document, especially if you don’t need it in your country. However, here in Canada, it is essential. The cover letter is where you can quickly explain why you are interested in this job offer and how you can contribute to reaching their business goals.
As we mentioned before, you don’t need to have a work permit to get a job offer in Canada. You can always get the job position and then apply for your work visa. In mana immigration, we are experts in helping foreign workers with their visas and permits to work in Canada legally. 

What is a Valid Job Offer?

In Canada, a job offer is a letter the employer gives you as a temporary worker. This document should explain the job position details, duties, and information about your pay.Keep in mind that, depending on your case, you may need the job offer letter to apply for your Canadian permanent residency. If that’s your case, a valid job offer for express entry needs to include the following information:
  • Pay Information
  • Deductions from your pay
  • Job duties
  • Employment conditions 
  • Schedule and hours of work
Also, if you need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), you must add a copy of your job offer in Canada with your work permit application.

How Can We Help?

In mana immigration, we have more than two decades of experience helping foreign individuals to live and work in Canada. Therefore, our experience has also proved that finding a job offer in Canada is one of the most stressful factors a person challenges. That’s why we created mana jobs, to help both candidates and employers with their job demands. Mana jobs is an international and local recruitment agency to fit your needs. Whether you need an entry-level or a senior candidate, we offer a complete solution for your demands. Overall, mana jobs provides personalized service to employers and employees during their hiring process. As a result, it is easier for companies to reduce the time they invest in the recruitment process and connect with the most appropriate candidate for their business.
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