Canada Start-Up Visa Program

The Start-Up Visa program provides permanent residence (PR) to foreign entrepreneurs, while also helping them become established in Canada.

The Start-Up Visa is generally considered one of the most appealing programs, receiving the most amount of interest and submissions every year. Through this program, you are able to migrate to Canada and earn PR in the shortest amount of time possible (for you and your family). Don’t worry about your English proficiency or feel the pressure of having unmanageable expenditures.

An immigration consultant can easily match you with the best possible program options, as well as prepare and organize your immigration documents to earn your Start-up Visa in as little time as possible.

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What is the Start-Up Visa Program?

Firstly, it is important to note that the Start-Up Visa program has nothing to do with an actual visa. Generally, a visa is another name for a temporary immigration program.

The Start-Up Visa is essentially an excellent pathway toward earning Canadian PR. Furthermore, if you own a business, there is no need to sell or produce any specialty products to improve your odds of being accepted.  

Apply for a Start-Up Visa Program

Let Mana Immigration help you with a Start-Up Visa Program

Who can apply through the Start-Up Visa Program?

This program was created for the purpose of recruiting innovative foreign national entrepreneurs who will have a positive effect on Canada’s business environment and economic growth.

Start-Up applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • you must hold a minimum language requirement in English or French of (CLB 5 in all abilities);
  • you must possess sufficient funds;
  • you must have a plan to settle in a province other than Quebec;
  • you must pass all Canadian security and medical clearances;
  • you must prove that your business is supported by a designated organization; and
  • you must show that your business meets ownership requirements.
  • you must meet the requirements where no more than five foreign nationals can apply for PR under the same business venture.

How to Get a Start-up Visa?

As a successful entrepreneur thinking about receiving a Start-Up Visa, do not worry about how the name of the program sounds! For you, meeting the requirements is far easier than through other immigration programs (and it is our job to match you with the best possible pathway)

To meet the criteria, your resume should clearly demonstrate why you are the right candidate to be added to a start-up venture. This immigration program is meant for individuals with creative and innovative abilities. Remember, this innovative idea does not necessarily need to come from you.

In fact, so long as you are a member of a group that is trying to grow a business idea in Canada–you may qualify. However, please note that your educational and business background are a top priority when determining your admittance to a start-up group. 

For example, suppose that your preferred group aims to provide the medical sector with services through online platforms. In this case, your background must either be in the area of medical sciences, or, it must be related to computing or digital services.

Having a background in civil engineering for instance, even a successful one, will not justify your admittance to such a group (as an example).

This is a perfect example of the crossroads that many potential immigrants arrive at, only to find that they are either applying to the least optimal program, or do not have the most important information to help their chances of success.

If you are an entrepreneur, and this program resonates with your dream to move to Canada, you should remove any uncertainty and consult with an immigration consultant right away.

These experts specialize in finding the proper start-up group for you, based on your background and previous experience. This alone can save you countless expenses and so much time in the process.

It is important that you are prepared to grow an innovative idea that will be the basis for your start-up venture. You must also be able, and willing to personally invest in this area. 

To obtain a Start-Up visa, having high language proficiency is not necessary! It is enough with a score of 5 out of 10 in the Canadian grading system–(in other words, this is a (5) on the IELTS general exam).

Like all other programs, applicants of the Start-Up Visa must demonstrate their ability to provide for themselves financially; this includes the ability to pay all related costs in the first year of living in Canada.

In most cases, the optimal financial ability for a single person in (1) year means having an amount in the neighborhood of $13,000 CAD. (Note: If the number of family members increases, the required amount of money will decrease).

Amount of Money (CAD)Number of Family Members
3492For each added member

Before anything else happens with your start-up visa, the applicant must be able to present a written acceptance from any of the companies accredited by the Canadian Development Agency. This will allow you to move forward officially!  

Immigration Pathway Through Start-Up Visa

  • Getting The Letter

    Receiving a Letter of Support from a Designated Institution

  • Preparing an Application

    Setting up an Application Package

  • Submit the Application

    Submitting the Application

  • Preparing an Application for Work Permit (Optional)

    Setting up an Application Package for Work Permit (note: this is optional)

  • Application Approval

    Official Approval & Earning Permanent Residency (PR)

Breakdown: Canada's Start-up Visa

First, your resume is expertly prepared, highlighting the relevant aspects of your resume based on your educational and professional background. We will then proceed to cooperate with our business partners in Canada to find the best start-up group match for you.  

We will prepare a critical document titled “Introduction to Start-up Idea,” which will be based on the background activities of the members of the group and the first draft of the overall plan. 

We will showcase your investment plan to various companies and accelerators on behalf of your group. In most cases, a strong emphasis will be placed on the strengths of your plan and its overall profitability.

Our goal is to persuade other firms that your plan is worthy of investment. This particular step has been considered one of the most difficult without the help of a consulting firm with access to Canadian contacts. 

Our immigration experts will collect as much information about the group members as possible, in order to prepare their documents prior to submission. The documents are as follows:

The goal of this step is to make sure that there are no legal barriers to gaining membership to the desired start-up group (usually due to lack of police clearance or even low marks in language proficiency).

“Early Support” will be expressed in letter format for those who the groups are particularly interested in. 

At this particular stage, a Canadian firm will be established with the names of all the group’s members. Each member of the group (as well as the investor company) should possess at least 50% of shares with voting rights. However, please note that each member of the start-up group should hold at least 10% of shares with voting rights.

Once an agreement is struck between the investor company and the members of the optimal group, (agreeing to provide the letter of support), the firm should send the Commitment Certificate to IRCC by email immediately. 

Without question, this is the most important step of the Start-Up Visa program. It only happens when the Canadian firm provides a “letter of support” which indicates that it has accepted and approved your plans moving forward.

Once you have received the letter of support, you may proceed to download the application forms package and other IRCC documents (you must fill them out very carefully, otherwise your application may be rejected). 

The province of Nova Scotia (in particular) requires you to send all documents to the central bureau of IRCC. These documents must be received before the (6) month validity term expires on the Certificate of Commitment.

Once you have submitted your documents package to IRCC, you will be asked to provide your biometric data.

Once your fingerprint has been submitted to the government, assessing your documents officially begins (and so does the process of waiting for a reply).

It is important to note that one of the major advantages of this program is that you may obtain a Canadian visa during the process of your evaluation–(note: you are able to enter Canada with this visa). While in the country, it is critical that you take major steps to start your business. 

In the event that IRCC accepts your application, congratulations! You will receive a document titled “Confirmation of Permanent Residence” in addition to a visa allowing you to officially enter Canada.

The Benefits of Canada's Start-Up Visa

Due to recent changes in the rules that govern Canada’s immigration programs, both investment and entrepreneurship avenues have become more difficult. Compared to these programs, the Start-Up Visa pathway is considered a far easier choice, especially when it comes to immigration via business programs.

The Start-Up Visa grants permanent residence (PR) to both yourself and your family members the moment you arrive in Canada. 

When compared to other Canadian immigration programs related to entrepreneurship and business, the start-up visa program is much cheaper than the other options.

As a general rule, you must wait at least two years in order to earn Canadian permanent residence. But with the Start-up visa program, you are able to enter Canada in less than a year.

While you are waiting for your start-up visa to become approved, you are able to apply for a temporary work visa (and since this visa is issued rapidly, you are able to enter Canada as soon as possible).

Navigating the many stages of the Start-Up Visa program can be daunting and difficult. Ask a Mana Immigration expert for advice today. We have helped so many achieve their dreams of coming to Canada–trust us to help you too. 

Why Choose a Mana Immigration consultant to help you?

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Making the decision to immigrate to another country is one of life’s biggest decisions. It goes without saying that having someone help you through this difficult process can save you from making mistakes on your application, spending too much money, or becoming frustrated with the difficult road ahead.

Having immigrated to Canada ourselves, our mission ever since has been to help aspiring migrants overcome the challenges of their own personal journeys (something we wished we had access to years ago).

There are many consulting firms that claim to want to help immigrants settle in Canada. But many of them have never been through the process themselves; so how can they offer the in-depth knowledge needed to overcome certain challenges that only people who have immigrated to Canada can understand.

Mana Immigration has taken years to carefully select a team of immigration experts who work tirelessly to help our clients reach their goals. Our core values of respect, integrity, law abidance and professionalism, are at the center of every interaction and action we take.

As a result, we are able to offer a truly unique and tailored experience for each of our hopeful candidates. No matter what your needs may be, whether you have a simple question or major concern, we will be there to guide you and your family every step of the way.

Mana Immigration’s team of expert consultants and lawyers are all members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (CCRC). When you choose to work with us, you are assured the utmost confidentiality and an unprecedented level of personalized customer service.

Our team will work directly with you and your family throughout the entire process (we are always just a telephone call or email away).

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