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Dependent Child Sponsorship

Under most circumstances, as an individual coming to Canada, a temporary foreign worker or permanent resident, you have the right to bring your dependents with you, including dependent children.

Please note, in some cases this may not be possible all at once at the moment of immigration. The Canadian government has created a separate program to help bring your loved ones into the country a lot easier than before.

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  • The sponsor must be at least 18 years old.
  • The sponsor must be a Canadian permanent resident living in Canada or a Canadian citizen.
  • The sponsor cannot be in prison, bankrupt, under a removal order (if a permanent resident) or been charged with a serious offence.
  • The sponsored person must be in one of the following situations of dependency:
    • Less than 22 years old and not a spouse or common-law partner; or
    • Is 22 years old or older and has depended substantially on the financial support of the parent before the age of 22 and is unable to financially support themselves due to a physical or mental condition.
  • The Sponsored Person must be either:
    • The biological child of the parent; or
    • The adopted child of the parent.

Why choose a Mana Immigration consultant to help you?

It’s simple. As immigrants ourselves, we have been in your shoes.

Making the decision to immigrate to another country is one of life’s biggest decisions. It goes without saying that having someone help you through this difficult process can save you from making mistakes on your application, spending too much money, or becoming frustrated with the difficult road ahead.

Having immigrated to Canada ourselves, our mission ever since has been to help aspiring migrants overcome the challenges of their own personal journeys (something we wished we had access to years ago).

There are many consulting firms that claim to want to help immigrants settle in Canada. But many of them have never been through the process themselves; so how can they offer the in-depth knowledge needed to overcome certain challenges that only people who have immigrated to Canada can understand.

Mana Immigration has taken years to carefully select a team of immigration experts who work tirelessly to help our clients reach their goals. Our core values of respect, integrity, law abidance and professionalism, are at the center of every interaction and action we take.

As a result, we are able to offer a truly unique and tailored experience for each of our hopeful candidates. No matter what your needs may be, whether you have a simple question or major concern, we will be there to guide you and your family every step of the way.

Mana Immigration’s team of expert consultants and lawyers are all members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (CCRC). When you choose to work with us, you are assured the utmost confidentiality and an unprecedented level of personalized customer service.

Our team will work directly with you and your family throughout the entire process (we are always just a telephone call or email away).

Mana Immigration has empowered so many with the tools to succeed in Canada.

Trust us to help do the same for you.

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