Top 3 Facts About Studying at Confederation College

Top 3 Facts About Studying at Confederation College
Confederation College is a culturally diverse college in Thunder Bay, Ontario, that delivers education and training to an average of 7,000 full-time and part-time students per year. They offer small class sizes, dynamic learning environments, practical hands-on program courses, and highly-trained instructors.Of the 7,000 yearly students, around 1,450 are international students. The institute also offers international students the chance to study using its state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge classroom equipment, and labs. 
“We are committed to delivering quality education to our students, regardless of where they come from and deliver the type of education that graduates and employers want,” Confederation College. 
According to a survey of employers who have hired 2018 Confederation College graduates, it was reported that graduates have an 88 per cent employment rate and an 87 per cent graduate satisfaction rate. Here are three facts that explain why international students choose to study at Confederation College:

1) Student Life and Resources by the Student Union of Confederation College 

Confederation College’s mission is to help students educate and prepare them for their chosen careers. The college also realizes that sometimes students need time away from their studies to focus on hobbies or leisure activities.That’s why the school has the Student Union of Confederation College (SUCCI), a student-focused organization committed to advocacy, entertainment, well-being, employment, education and student-friendly services to enhance the overall college experience. The SUCCI aims to provide social, cultural and sports activities that allow international students to connect with fellow classmates, keep healthy, and meet new friends. Throughout the multiple campuses of Confederation College, the SUCCI held recreational events like dodgeball, 10-pin bowling, ping pong tournaments, soccer, volleyball, and more. In addition, if students can’t seem to find a club they like or have a hobby that isn’t available at the school, they can then go to SUCCI and ask them for their cooperation to form a club. Some examples of clubs created based on student requests include the Anime club, Tabletop Gaming Club, and Video Game Club.  SUCCI also offers a varsity athletics and sports team open for international students. Be part of the “Thunderhawks” as they offer varsity cross-country running, curling, gold, men’s indoor soccer, women’s indoor soccer, and women’s hockey. 

2) Confederation College provides international students with Health Insurance 

International students who attend Confederation College are enrolled in health care coverage, which is already included in their tuition payment. Emails get sent to the students about the information policy. The coverage begins as they arrive in Canada, but no sooner than September 1 for Fall intake students, January 1 for Winter intake students, and May 1 for Summer intake students. Each student at Confederation College is entitled to these benefits. As stated in the policy package, whenever a student becomes sick or has an injury that incurs eligible expenses, the insurer (the college) will reimburse the student with reasonable and customary costs, subject to limitations, exclusions and other provisions of the policy. 
Here is a list of the eligible expenses Confederation College covers in its health plan
  • Eligible medical expenses (emergency in-patient or out-patient treatment, physician, surgeon, anesthetist, etc., x-rays and laboratory services, and rental of medical appliances)
  • Ambulance services and emergency transportation 
  • Prescription drugs (such as insulin, limited to a 60-day supply) 
  • Paramedical services (such as physiotherapist sessions) 
  • Psychiatric care for mental and emotional disorders (outpatient visits to a psychiatrist, psychologist, or social worker) 
  • Dental services (accidents, pain relief including wisdom teeth, and dental examinations) 
  • Sexual health consultation (STI consultations, birth control) 
  • Maternity (childbirth care, complications, termination) 
  • Vaccinations
  • Annual medical examination 
  • Eye examination 
The other exemption of the international student health plan is that any expenses incurred in an insured person’s home country are not covered unless they travel on a school trip. Further expenses incurred in Canada related to an illness originating in the home country would also be excluded. 

3) Confederation College’s partnership with Northwest Employment Works

While studying at Confederation College, international students can take advantage of its partnership with Northwest Employment Works (NEW). NEW offers a range of resources, supports, and service components to respond to individuals’ career and employment needs. It also addresses the skilled labour needs of employers while helping individuals on a path to higher-skill training and employment. Confederation Colleges set up its Student Career Services (SCS) through this partnership. It provides international students with various support and services.The SCS department’s career coaching and employer service provide career readiness and development expertise to allow past, present and future learners to meet their career potential. The department will collaborate with industry partners to support upcoming graduates and alumni to secure meaningful employment. Another pathway is co-operative education (Co-op), which is the opportunity to alternate full-time studies for full-time employment while remaining a student. There is general exposure to different work settings and progression in work experience. Co-op programs typically run for four months, between May to August. And then, there is work placement, an integrated learning experience scheduled during the final semester of a post-secondary program. These placements provide an excellent opportunity for students to bridge academic skills and theory to continuous learning in the workplace. 

How to apply for a study permit in Canada? 

To understand the process of getting a study permit for Canada, check out our post Get Your Study Permit and Receive Top-Class Education in Canada. If you are still looking for help and desire to apply for Confederation college, that’s where we can help. Those who graduate from Confederation College and are looking for permanent residence in the Province can apply for the Provincial Nomination Pathway through RNIP or OINP. At mana immigration, we have regulated consultants working on immigration visas. We work on each application with all the paperwork and deadlines to ensure a successful process. Our core values of respect, integrity, and professionalism are at the center of every action we take. As a result, we offer a truly unique and tailored experience for each client. No matter your needs, we guide you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about the incredible opportunities awaiting you in Canada. Live your dreams!
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