Live in Ontario and Get your PR

Live in Ontario and Get your PR
Ontario offers many ways to support immigrants to get their pr. Indeed, it is one of the most populated provinces with job opportunities that attract hundreds of foreigners every year. Also, Ontario is recognized for having a multicultural environment and a welcoming society. In fact, many languages are spoken, and foreigners can easily find different kinds of food all over the city.To get your permanent residence (pr) in Ontario and qualify under its Provincial Program, you need to meet the requirements of some specific factors. 

What is the Ontario PNP?

The province holds its provincial nominee program (OINP) to allow foreigners to get their pr in Ontario and stay permanently.The selection is made on the economic needs of the province. However, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) is in charge of making the final decision. 

How to Apply Under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programs (OINP) for PR?

The program to allow immigrants to get pr in Ontario is divided into different categories. So, depending on your situation, you have to decide which one fits you better.

1. Employer Job Offer Category 

This category has three streams. To qualify and get your pr in Ontario, you must hold a full-time job offer from an Ontario employer. Then, if you don’t have the job offer, this is not your category.
  • Foreign Worker stream: This stream is for workers in skilled positions.
  • International Student stream: If you are a recent graduate in Ontario, you can apply under this stream. 
  • In-Demand Skills stream: This stream is for intermediate skilled workers in specific sectors, like construction, trucking, agriculture, or personal support workers.

2. Human Capital Category

This category has two sub-categories: the international graduate stream and Ontario’s Express Entry stream. International GraduatesThis sub-category is for international students who want to get their pr in Ontario and have graduated from a Master’s program or a Ph.D. program. Then, to qualify you must hold a degree from an eligible university and apply within two years of getting your degree.

3. Ontario’s Express Entry for PR

To apply under the Ontario Express Entry system, you must have received a notification of interest from Ontario and have an updated profile. Moreover, it must include your current work experience, results of language tests and proof of your education. Then, this category has three different streams:
  • French-Speaking Skilled Worker: This stream is for French-Speaking skilled workers. To qualify, you must have the required work experience, language results in French and English and proof of your education.
  • Human Capital Priorities stream: It is a stream for Skilled workers with work experience, education and language proficiency in French or English
  • Skilled Trades stream: This stream is for people with work experience in Ontario in an eligible trade occupation

4. Business Category for PR in Ontario

Overall, the business category has only one stream. Indeed, you must be a foreign entrepreneur looking to run a new business or buy and grow an existing business in Ontario.

Eligibility Requirements for Ontario PR


Ontario Express Entry:

Applicants in this category don’t need a job offer. But, they have to meet some criteria under each sub-category:Human Capital Priorities: To get your pr in Ontario, you must be in the Express Entry pool as an FSW or under the CEC category. Candidates must meet a minimum CRS score requirement determined by the province. French-Speaking Skilled Worker: Candidates must be in the Express Entry pool as an FSW or CEC candidate with the following language results:-French: Minimum CLB 7-English: Minimum CLB 6 Skilled Trades: The applicants must be in the Express Entry pool as a CEC candidate and live in Ontario. Furthermore, they need to prove work experience in a listed skilled trade occupation.Graduate Stream: Under this category, candidates must have graduated from a program in Ontario. Besides, they have to apply within the last two years of receiving their diplomas. 

Job Offer and Get your PR in Ontario

In fact, all these categories required a valid job offer for their applicants. Although, it may be different requirements for each sub-category.International Student: The applicants must be graduated from a degree program at a Canadian university or college that is at least two years in length. Although, they can also be graduated with a diploma from a college or university that is at least a one-year post-graduate certificate program.Foreign Worker: Under this category, the applicant needs a permanent job offer in a skilled occupation. This job offer must meet the usual wage levels in Ontario.In-Demand Skills: Applicants must demonstrate they have worked in Ontario in a high-demand occupation. It can be construction or agriculture.

Business Stream:

Entrepreneur category: This stream is for candidates with managerial experience. They must prove to have a high net worth of at least 800.000 CAD and personal investment funds of at least 500.000 CAD. Overall, the basic requirements to get the pr in Ontario under the Provincial Nomination are:
  • Educational qualification. At least bachelor
  • Language proficiency
  • Have a CRS score of at least 400
  • Prove your work experience
  • Have sufficient funds
  • Hold a legal status
  • Enough investment
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