Vancouver Jobs in Demand

Vancouver Jobs in Demand
Since the pandemic, the city of Vancouver increased the need for specific jobs that are currently under demand. Indeed, the COVID-19 changed the way we used to work. Unfortunately, some sectors were more affected than others, such as the hospitality and tourism sectors.However, some economic sectors noticed a wave in job vacancies. In fact, research made by the federal government shows and clarifies how the Pandemic is changing the workforce in each province or territory. Specifically, in this blog, we will talk about some jobs in Vancouver now in demand. Overall, in the case of British Columbia, we have selected seven jobs that increased their demand during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Jobs in Vancouver That Have Increased 

Payroll Administrators 

Payroll administrators are those who collect and process payroll information in businesses. Also, they determine benefits for employees and help to keep the payroll record.According to the research, when the COVID-19 Pandemic started, the employment rate for this job in Vancouver lightly dropped compared to April 2019.However, employment levels began to get pressure again as demand increased. Many companies need to approach unexpected income loss because of the Pandemic and desperately need payroll administrators to limit employee costs.

Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers jobs in Vancouver

These professionals integrate and test computer systems for software, data processing and operating systems. Also, they develop mobile apps, computer games, film, video and other related material.After the beginning of the Pandemic, the employment rate for professionals for these jobs in the city of Vancouver had significantly increased. Many people are now working from home, and they need professionals to develop such systems.

Technical Sales Specialists 

Technical sales specialists are those who sell technical services and goods to commercial and industrial establishments. Also, some of them can work in wholesale trade.Indeed, it is one of the jobs in Vancouver that have dropped significantly after the COVID-19 Pandemic was declared in March 2020. However, employment for technical sales specialists improved but remained to increase.

Cooks jobs in Vancouver

In general, this is one of the more relevant jobs in Vancouver. People specialized in preparing and cooking foods are more in need now. These professionals work in hotels, hospitals, education institutes, restaurants, or other establishments.Unfortunately, due to the Pandemic, many restaurants had to close dine-in services at the beginning of 2020. In that time, many cooks lost their jobs. However, many restaurants also moved to online order and home delivery, increasing the need for hiring more cooks.Also, due to the Pandemic, many business owners and entrepreneurs rented commercial kitchens to deliver food. Then, with all these new entrepreneurs’ ideas, jobs in Vancouver for cookers are now in demand even if they are not working in a traditional environment.

Material Handlers 

Material handlers are in charge of the handle, moving, loading, and unloading materials. The employment rate for this job in Vancouver almost doubled compared to 2019. This increase happened because businesses needed more people to load and unload essential items like food, cleaning products, and different things during the Pandemic.

Transport Truck Drivers Jobs in Vancouver

In Canada, truck drivers operate large vehicles and transport goods interprovincially and internationally. In Vancouver, people who do these jobs need to deliver goods during the COVID-19 Pandemic to different industries.Besides, this is one of the jobs that changed during the Pandemic. In fact, the B.C. Truckers Association and the B.C. government began changes to attend to the needs of truck drivers, such as rest areas, food trucks and inspection stations.

Janitors, Caretakers and Building Superintendents

These people take care of and clean, and maintain residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. Most of them are responsible for the operation of the establishment.Since the need for cleaning and sanitization to control the spread of the virus, those jobs in Vancouver and B.C have significantly increased in demand.

Underground Production and Development Miners

Miners and production jobs hiring in Vancouver are in high demand. These experts are trained to operate mining machinery to extract coal and ore in underground mines. Besides, they can also develop holes and ways to make it easier to carry out mining operations.After the Pandemic started, employment dropped significantly for these professionals. And, there are now new opportunities and higher demand in the province.

How to Apply for a Job in Vancouver?

If you have experience in one of these previous occupations and want to immigrate and work in Vancouver, or any other province, you can make it through one of the Economic immigration pathways. Those programs contribute to addressing labour market needs and support the country’s economic growth. So, since some of these jobs are considered “qualified,” you may use your work experience to complete a permanent residence application through the Express Entry system.Then, you will be able to immigrate and work in Canada under one of its three main economic class immigration programs:
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Part-time jobs Vancouver

Also, Vancouver has increased its demand for part-time jobs. It is an excellent option for international students while they finish their program.
  • Sales associate
  • Restaurant Host
  • Front Desk/Reception
  • Retail
  • Pet Sitter
Those are some part-time jobs in Vancouver. However, depending on your hobbies and background, you can always find many other options.Also, to immigrate and jobs in Vancouver, you can consider the British Columbia own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Indeed, it will open and grant you more points on your Express Entry profile. 
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