Top Places to Visit in Summer in Canada

Top Places to Visit in Summer in Canada
We all get excited when the cold weather starts to lift. It means that finally, summer is here in Canada. So, if you are a summer lover and want to get the most out of this beautiful season, keep reading to discover the best places to visit during summer in Canada.Canada is a vast country with many beautiful places in each province. Then, we have selected six spots that will make you fall in love with this beautiful country during summertime.

Best Places During Summer in Canada

Victoria – British Columbia 

British Columbia is a stunning and popular province in CanadaIt is known for the abundance of outdoor activities, spectacular nature and perfect weather that makes winter a bit warmer compared to other cities across the country.If you want to experience summer in Canada, Victora is one of the places you should visit. Indeed, Victoria has pleasant weather all year round. However, the greener scenarios are magic during summer.  It makes this place a wonderful stay for a few days. So, if you want to go hiking, kayaking and whale watching, Victoria is a great destination to enjoy during summer in Canada. As in many other cities, during this time, you can enjoy several festivals. Such as the Victoria Fringe Festival, Feast of Fields, Great Canadian Beer Festival or the Vegtoria Festival, Victoria’s annual vegan festival.Moreover, if you are willing to visit Canada in the summer and want to go to Victoria, you’ll find lots of restaurants and cafes. And, for outdoors lovers, there are also great spots for picnics, trails, biking and beautiful beaches. 

Jasper National Park in Alberta

Alberta is home to the Rocky Mountains, a fantastic place to see the sun shining between the mountains. Indeed, a spectacular plan to visit during summer in Canada. You can stay on a ranch, ride a horse, go for a hike and live a unique experience.Jasper National Park is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies. One of Canada’s most desired places to visit for a summer vacation or any season. It is very close to Banff National Park but calmer and with several things to do. Also, Jasper is the perfect place to make camping memories and sleep under the Canadian night sky. But, to do it, you must book ahead to reserve your spot. And, don’t forget to be camera-ready to take the most beautiful pictures of your life. 

Montreal For Summer in Canada

Montreal is the heart of the Quebec region and one of the favourite spots to visit during summer in Canada. It is a bilingual city with a European vibe and is home to the famous poutine. So, suppose you are planning to visit Montreal during your summer vacation. In that case, you will find that the city offers fantastic architecture with well-known places like Notre Dame, St Joseph’s Oratory, the Biodome, The Old Port and Mount Royal.All in all, Montreal keeps interesting all year round. However, summer is when this bilingual city glows more. It offers many festivals, culture, music, and some of the best places to eat across the country. For sure Montreal should be on your list if you want to experience summer in Canada. 

Toronto During Summer

Undoubtedly, Toronto is one of the best and more popular places to visit in Canada for the summer. In fact, during every season. Summer in Toronto means lots of activities, festivals and nature to exploreMoreover, about 40 different summer events are happening throughout the city in July and August. If you are a foodie, you can find some of the best restaurants in Toronto. So, it doesn’t matter if you are vegan or a meat lover, you will find the best meal and drinks to enjoy during your summer visit to this city. Also, during summer, restaurants and bars open their patios to let clients enjoy the weather while having fun in their venues. The Distillery District, Little Italy, Junction, St. Lawrence Market, and the Greek Town are some places to eat. Also, while spending summer in Canada, especially in Toronto, you have beautiful sceneries to visit with your family. You can spend a day in ¨The Beaches¨, explore downtown and the vibrant King street, go to Toronto Island, walk around Lake Shore, High Park and why not visit the CN Tower, the Aquarium and the Royal Ontario Museum. Moreover, you can visit beautiful nearby places like Niagara Falls, Muskoka, Wasaga Beach, and Union Ville and have a great time.

Saskatoon in Saskatchewan 

Canada is a vast country with places for everyone. But if you are more into agro-tourism, Saskatoon may be your best option. Located in the province of Saskatchewan, it is a prairie city that offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for families.In Saskatoon, you can enjoy summer in Canada in a different way. Go for a walk, run, or bike ride along the Meewasin Trails. The city also offers activities like paddleboard, canoeing, kayaking, or riverboat cruise.Furthermore, you can also visit the Wanuskewin Heritage Park, an Aboriginal meeting ground under consideration by UNESCO. And you can also visit farms and famous Saskatoon farms to pick strawberries and other berries. Overall, it is a fantastic family vacation destination to experience summer in Canada.

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

If you want something less busy, Nova Scotia is a marvellous option to visit Canada in summer and discover the East Coast life on Cape Breton Island. Here you will find the freshest seafood, excellent breweries and distilleries. Moreover, if you want to enjoy the outdoors, you can explore the stunning world-renowned Cabot Trail and enjoy scenic observatories, cultural heritage sites and beaches. Overall, Canada offers beautiful nature, landscapes and activities all year but visiting Canada in summer is the best you can do to take advantage of every city. So, pack your bags and camera and get ready to explore these marvellous places.

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