Tips to Settle in Canada

Tips to Settle in Canada
Once you receive your visa approval, there are many things you should do to settle in Canada. As a newcomer, you may need some help with your while adapting to a new country. We have listed some tips to guide you during the first weeks of your process. 

How to Settle in Canada?

1.Find your Home

Whenever you arrive, you can find a temporary place to live for a short period. It can be a hotel, an Airbnb or even a friend’s house. These options will help you to settle during the first days while you look for a permanent home. We suggest you start looking for these temporal options before you arrive in Canada. Looking for your permanent home would also depend on which location you prefer, the type of house, and your budget. To do it, you can search for it on social media, specialized websites or with your colleagues.There are different types of houses in Canada: 
  • Detached houses
  • Semi-detached and townhouses 
  • Condos
  • Rentals
  • Basements
  • Rooms
  • Bachelors

2.  Social Insurance Number (SIN) 

The SIN number is one of the essential things to settle in Canada, and the government assigns it. The SIN number allows you to work and or receive some government benefits.To get it, you can go to a Service Canada office or apply it online. This application doesn’t have any fees. However, you should know it is personal, and you should not use it as identification. 

3. Banking in Canada

To settle in Canada, you will need to open a bank account as soon as possible. To do it, we suggest you look for special promotions that some banks have to attract newcomers. Some of them are CIBC, TD Bank, Scotiabank, BMO, among many others.Opening your bank account is easy. Once you decide which bank is the best for you, you walk in with a personal ID, and they will create everything for you. Settle in Canada and enjoy all the benefits

4. Health Insurance to Settle in Canada

   Permanent residents are allowed to apply for health insurance in Canada, and it is free. However, depending on which province you live they have different criteria to qualify, and waiting periods also vary.While you meet the criteria, you can buy private health insurance. Besides, private insurances also cover services that public health insurance doesn’t cover.  

5. Buy a Canadian Phone Plan

To settle in Canada, you will need to join a cell phone service. It will help you in your job research and avoid costly international fees. Currently, there are many options, and some of them can be better than others. Therefore, you will need to do your research and compare plans to find the right for you.

6. Get your Drivers License to Settle in Canada

As a newcomer, who wants to settle permanently in Canada, you need to get a valid driver’s license to drive a car legally. Although, if you already have it from your country, you can use it for a few months. To get a Canadian driver’s license, the process depends on the province you are living in. However, it may include passing a written test and then a couple of driving tests.We suggest you get a few drivers lessons to know and get used to the Canadian rules. Then you gain confidence to present and successfully pass your drive test. 
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