How to Immigrate to Canada with your Family

How to Immigrate to Canada with your Family
Immigrate to Canada with your family and live an extraordinary experience. The Canadian government is optimistic about its promise to welcome over 1.2 million foreigners to become Permanent Residents by 2023.Since Canada has an economy growing fast, bringing more and more people increases the number of skilled and educated workers. Then, immigrating to Canada with your family is an excellent option.  The countries high demand for workers and free benefits for dependent children, make this country the best place to be.Whether you and your family are looking to enjoy a better quality of life or have a career boost, Canada can be your destination.

Top Programs for Family Immigration to Canada

There are over 100 immigration programs to choose from. However, there are two to make family immigration easier.

Express Entry

The Express Entry system is the most popular immigration pathway among immigrants. It aims to meet future labour market needs and support long-term economic growth. The system was introduced in 2015 by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Its goal is to select candidates to become Permanent Residents.Therefore, if you want to immigrate to Canada with your family via one of the following programs: the Federal Skilled Worker Class, the Federal Skilled Trades Class or the Canadian Experience Class, you must apply through the Express Entry system.Since this is one of the faster options to do it, the application process requires you to meet specific criteria to accumulate a good Comprehensive Ranking System score. So, to immigrate to Canada with your family, you need to meet as many requirements as possible to get a high score. After all, the more criteria you meet, the higher you will score. In the end, candidates with higher scores receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) to get their Canadian Permanent Residency.As a family, you can include your spouse and dependent children in your same application. In that way, you will all become permanent residents at the same time. Furthermore, your spouse can also help you with points to add to your final score. 

Provincial Nominee Programs for Family Immigration

On the other hand, if you don’t meet the required criteria for the Express Entry System, you can apply through a PNP program. However, you should hold a job offer with a contract of at least one year to get a PNP Nomination.The Provincial Nominee Program is an excellent pathway for individuals who want to become Canadian permanent residents. In fact, it is an excellent program for family immigration since it allows candidates to select in which province they want to move. But, as long as you need a job offer to qualify for the PNP program, and since your goal is to get permanent residency, you should apply to get your nomination at the place you will live and work.Getting a Provincial Nomination is not easier than achieving one of the Express Entry System’s programs. But, it grants you 600 CRS points to keep your Canadian immigration process going, get work experience and improve your language skills. After selecting a province and submitting your application, they will assess your profile and whether you intend to settle in that specific province. Provincial Nominee Programs aim to boost their local economies and support their growing population.

PNP Application Requirements

  • A local job offer where you intend to live
  • Work experience in your selected province
  • Show your adaptability to this place
  • Familial ties to someone in the same province
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