Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
An Educational Credential Assessment is a document that certifies your foreign degree is valid and equal to a Canadian degree. If you want to come to Canada and apply for permanent residence, you need to get your ECA to complete your application.There are multiple ECAs, and you need to know which one you need before requesting it. However, if you got a different kind of ECA, you may re-issue, but it will depend on the issuing organization. Then, when you are completing your Express Entry profile, you must include your ECA report and the reference number on it. You can do it with WES, IQAS to other institutions.

Why Do I Need To Get An Educational Credential Assessment?

Firstly, you need it to add points for your permanent resident application. In that case, the ECA report must prove that your foreign education is equivalent to a complete Canadian secondary or post-secondary education.On the other hand, although an ECA doesn’t guarantee you will find a Canadian job in your field, it may help you do it faster.However, you must know that sometimes you will need to get a license to work in a regulated profession. For example, the Province or workplace could require this license.

Who Needs An ECA?

If you are a foreigner and completed an education abroad, you need to get your ECA. You will need this document under the Express Entry System in the following situations:
  • As the principal applicant under the Federal Skilled Worker Program 
  • Earn points for the education you completed outside Canada
  • Earn points for your spouse or common-law partner 
Nevertheless, you don’t need ECAs for your Canadian degrees.

Which Credentials Do I Need To Get An ECA?

In general, you need to get an Educational Assessment Credential for your highest level of education. Therefore, it is essential to know the one you need before requesting the document.

Do I Need a Credential For More Than 1 Education? 

If you want to get points for two credentials or more, you will need an assessment for each one. It means you need two ECAs. However, to do it, at least one of your credentials must be for a study of three or more years. The order you completed your studies doesn’t affect your points.

Where Can I Get My ECA?

Then, to get your ECA, you must request it from an organization or a professional body designated by IRCC. They will give you a report to tell how your education is equivalent to in Canada.Keep in mind that processing times and costs vary by each professional body or organization. The WES is the most popular organization to get your credential. However, there are also other options.Also, each designated organization or professional body will tell you how to get your assessment. 

Designated Organizations For Your Educational Credential Assessment

Those are the designated organizations approved by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada)
  • Comparative Education Service – University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies 
  • International Credential Assessment Service of Canada 
  • World Education Services (WES)
  • International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)
However, some professions or employers require you to get it with a specifically designated organization. It may happen if you want to work in a regulated profession.You can always contact the regulatory body or the Province you want to live in to confirm if you need a license to practice your occupation.

What Happens If My Education Is Not Recognized? 

When you receive your report, it shows your education is valid and equal to a Canadian degree. Unfortunately, if your education is not recognized, you won’t meet the Federal Skilled Worker Program requirement, and you won’t gain any points for it. In the case of WES, you can always call them in Canada and speak to an agent to know about your process.
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