Benefits and Services for Children in Canada

Benefits and Services for Children in Canada

As a parent, you want the best for your child. Fortunately, Canada has a range of benefits and services available to children up to the age of 18 that can help support their development and well-being.


One of the most significant benefits for children in Canada is universal access to public education. All children, regardless of their immigration status, are entitled to free education in Canada until they finish high school. This includes language classes for non-native speakers, special education services for those who need them, and support for students with disabilities.


Canada’s publicly-funded healthcare system ensures that all children have access to medical care when needed. This includes regular checkups, immunizations, and medical treatment for illnesses or injuries. Children of immigrants who are not yet covered by provincial or territorial health insurance plans can receive temporary coverage through the Interim Federal Health Program.

Child Tax Benefits

The Canadian government offers a range of child tax benefits that can help alleviate the financial burden of raising children. These benefits include the Canada Child Benefit (CCB), which provides tax-free monthly payments to eligible families based on their income and the number of children in their care. The CCB can help families pay for essential expenses such as food, clothing, and housing.

Affordable Childcare

For families with young children, affordable childcare can be a significant expense. Fortunately, Canada offers a range of childcare benefits and services that can help ease this burden. These include the Canada Child Care Benefit, which provides eligible families with financial assistance to help cover the cost of childcare, as well as subsidies for low-income families and tax credits for parents who use childcare services.

Youth Employment

As children grow older, they may want to start earning their own money. Canada has a range of programs and services designed to help youth find employment and gain valuable work experience. These include job placement services, mentorship programs, and government-funded initiatives such as the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Settlement Services

Many organizations in Canada offer settlement services to newcomers, including children. These services can include language classes, help with finding housing, and assistance with enrolling in school. Settlement workers can also provide information on government programs and services that may be available to children and their families.

For most of these services, Canada considers you a newcomer for the first 5 years after your landing here.

For children who are new to Canada and are not yet proficient in English or French, language classes can be a crucial resource. Canada offers a range of language classes for newcomers, including classes for children. These classes can help children integrate into their new community and improve their language skills.

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Have questions about the benefits that Canada and each province provide to your children? Ask us! The services and benefits available can be different by province and also by the age group of the children. If you’re unsure about anything, consult one of our experts today.

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