Family Sponsorship Canada

Family Sponsorship Canada
The family sponsorship program in Canada welcomes one of the most significant numbers of newcomers per year. Indeed, family reunification is essential for the Canadian Government and  its immigration system. Every year Canada sets the Immigration levels plan. The family class is the second-largest category under it. According to the current plan, Canada aims to welcome over 400,000 new immigrants per year. And, over 100,000 per year will belong to the family class. IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) is in charge of the immigration process. They establish the family sponsorship Canada processing time, define the criteria and review the applications. 

What is The Family Sponsorship Program in Canada?

Firstly, it is essential to define the two main characteristics of this program. 
  • It entitles your close family to immigrate to Canada and receive permanent residence (PR).
  • You must commit to providing for essential needs and supporting that person financially.

Family Sponsorship in Canada – Requirements

How to be a Sponsor?

If you want to participate in the family sponsorship program in Canada, you must meet the following criteria: 
  • Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
  • Must be at least 18 years old 
  • Prove you can support the sponsored person 

Who can be Sponsored?

If you meet the criteria, you can sponsor:
  • Your spouse or common-law partner
  • Dependent children
  • Grandparents and Parents
In some cases, you might be able to sponsor your siblings, a niece, or an uncle. However, to do it, you must prove that.
  • There are no other family members to sponsor
  • You officially adopted them, and they fulfill the meaning of dependent children.

Income Requirements to be a Sponsor

To qualify under the family sponsorship Canada program, you must sign an Agreement with your sponsored family member. This commitment establishes that you must provide financial support for their basic needs in Canada. It means shelter, clothing, food, and health services not covered by public health benefits.Besides, depending on your type of sponsorship, you also need to meet the Low Income Cut-off (LICO). For example, it could happen in the following cases:
  • When you are sponsoring a spouse or common-law partner who has a dependent child, and that child also has children of their own, or
  • When you are sponsoring your dependent child, and they have dependent children of their own, or
  • It also applies if you are sponsoring your parent or grandparent.
But, if you are currently residing in Quebec, you must meet their sponsorship requirements. Therefore, the Quebec immigration ministry will assess the income. Sponsorship Visa in Canada

Sponsorship Undertaking

As we mentioned before, the family sponsorship program requires you to sign a document to make you legally responsible for your sponsored family in Canada. Then, if that person needs government social assistance, you must have to reimburse this money.The “undertaking” stays in effect for a time that’s is already set depending on your relationship with that person. And, it can not be cancelled earlier, even if the circumstances change. For instance, if you have financial problems, get a divorce, or if the individual becomes a Canadian citizen.  

Length of Undertaking (Not for Quebec)

  • Spouse, common-law partner: three years
  • Dependent child: Ten years, or until age 25. Whichever comes first
  • A dependent child with 22 years of age or older: Three years
  • Parent or grandparent: 20 years
  • Other relatives: Ten years
In the case of Quebec, this is the length: 
  • Spouse, common-law partner: Three years
  • Dependent child under 16 years of age: Minimum ten years (or until age 18). Whichever is lengthier
  • Dependent child 16 years of age and older: Minimum three years (or until age 25). Whichever is lengthier
  • Other relatives: Ten years(photo of Canada)

Apply for Family Sponsorship Canada

Step 1
  • Confirm you satisfy the eligibility criteria to be a sponsor.
Step 2
  • Guarantee that the family members you plan to sponsor meet the criteria.
Step 3
  • Apply to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). But, if you live in Quebec, you need to apply to MIFI (Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Integration). 
  • Submit your sponsorship application and the PR application of your family member together. 
  • After being considered eligible to sponsor, they will review your Permanent Resident application.
Step 4
  • Pay the family sponsorship application fee.
Step 5
  • Send the application to the correct address. 
(photo of Canada)

Family Sponsorship Canada – Obligations For Sponsors

After signing the undertaking with the Canadian Government, you promise to provide for the basic needs of your sponsored family member during their stay in Canada. Indeed, this agreement guarantees that sponsored family members won’t become dependent on Canadian social assistance. 

Permanent Residence Under the Family Sponsorship Program in Canada

As soon as sponsored individuals get their permanent residency, they can obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN) and work or go to school immediately. Also, permanent residents receive provincial health care and can live anywhere in Canada. However, as permanent residents, they can not vote in Canadian elections or have a Canadian passport.Then, after three years of living in Canada, a permanent resident can apply for Canadian citizenship.

Family Sponsorship Canada Processing Time

We would say that the average processing time for family sponsorship applications, can be from 20 to 24 months.  However, it may always vary.
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