Travel Documents

Travel Documents

What is a Travel Document?

A travel document is a provisional document issued by the Canadian government to prove your identity. Overall, it is used for travelling to Canada and demonstrates that you have the right to return to Canada. There are many types of travel documents. Today we will talk about two of them: 
  • Refugee Travel documents
  • Permanent Residence Travel Documents ( PRTD)

What is a Refugee Travel Document?

A protected person seeks travel documents to travel overseas and to be able to return to Canada. It can be issued for kids under the age of 16 as requested byparents.In general, refugees can’t use the travel documents to travel to their original country. However, the Canadian travel document or Certificate of Identity will specify whether or not you can travel to your home country.Issuing refugee travel documents requires a guardian to sign the application and two references.The issuing office decides the validity of the document.  

What is a Permanent Resident Travel Documents (PRTD)?

It is a document for Permanent Residents who do not have their PR card, are outside Canada, and plan to return to Canada by airplane, train, or bus.In general terms, a travel document is usually only valid for one single entry. And it is primary to assist the person to return to Canada.To be approved for a PRTD, you will need to show that you have met the requirements to remain a permanent resident.But, if you don’t meet the residence requirement, your status may be revoked due to submitting the PRTD application.


Where Can I Travel With a Refugee Travel Document?

A refugee with valid refugee travel documents may travel to either a visa-free or visa-required country if not intend to stay for more than three months.Furthermore, if you are a refugee under the Geneva Convention, your travel document will be accepted by every country that signed the agreement.Refugees also may use their travel documents to apply for a visitor’s visa, but not every country will accept it when you apply for a visa. Indeed, they can determine if accepting or rejecting an individual in their country, even if you have a valid refugee document.As a refugee, you should always check with the office that issued your document before travel whether you can apply for a visa or not.For more information, refer to the country consulate in Ottawa for specific countries.

Can Refugees Travel to Their Original Country?

In general, refugees are not allowed to travel back to their country of origin after they’re granted the status of a refugee.Once you apply for a refugee travel document and it is issued, it will state any travel restrictions. Including your home country.In mana immigration, we can help you with each step of your immigration process. Our experts will explain every detail to ensure a smooth transition.
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